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  1. June 14 2013

    ID_Number: 2044

    Sidewalks for kids going to school - no brainer. Let's keep Torbank safe, slow and quiet though, and not create another wide fast Park/Courtney by entertaining thoughts of an automobile connector all the way to McLoughlin as another comment mentioned. People, bikes, paths make sense, a huge traffic artery through the neighborhood doesn't. One of the nicest parts of the entire trolley trail in this area.

  2. June 14 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    A crossing at this location would save miles off of a commute from Milwaukie to points West. Think of the potential for the number of cars this could remove from the Sellwood bridge.

  3. June 13 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    I support connecting the trolley trail to Lake Oswego via the rr bridge. It would insure a safe passage rather than risky behavior that is currently happening.

  4. June 13 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    The City of Miwlaukie Park Board would like to express their support for the Lake Oswego to Milwaukie Riverfront Trail. This trail and the crossing of the Willamette would create a wonderful connection for pedestrians and bikers using the Trolley Trail and the Springwater Trail to the trails and amenities in lake Oswego. In addition it would create a beautiful River view and experience for bridge users.

  5. June 13 2013

    ID_Number: U149a

    The improvements of Jennings Ave from River Road to Oatfield would create a nice east west connection north of I-205. It could also improve safety at the intersection with 99E by adding protected left turn lanes on the signal.

  6. June 13 2013

    ID_Number: U137c

    Only needed fron Oak Grove Blvd to Creighton

  7. June 13 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    Terrible idea Too expensive greater need of funds elsewhere

  8. June 13 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    Wonderful idea. This has been talked about in the community for years - lets make it happen!

  9. June 13 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    A group of us were just speaking about the lack of connectivity to the west side of the Willamette River. A pedestrian/bike bridge would be a huge asset to both sides.....

  10. June 12 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    YES, Yes, yes!! We would love a ped/bike bridge across the river. The access would be wonderful and it would be guaranteed to have lots and lots of use!

  11. June 12 2013

    ID_Number: U407

    Does ODOT have a project here? With the completion of the paving project in 2014 is ODOT done? How do the sidewalks get finished? Completing the sidewalks is a high priority.

  12. June 12 2013

    ID_Number: U816

    This project needs to be extended past Risley Park to River Road and to River View School. Risely Avenue has 60" of right of way so sidewalks can be be constructed with ease. I do not think it will be possible to construct sidewalks along Concord since its has 40' of right of way. Risely Avenue needs to be the ped street. This project needs to be Tier 1

  13. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 2088

    Traffic on Lake Road is commonly moving at unsafe speeds even in the School Zones. Speed Bumps in/around the school zones would stop people from using Lake Road as a drag strip.

  14. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    Extremely important to have a ped/bike link across the river! One that is safe and legal.

  15. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    I think this would be great to get to Tryon Park.

  16. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    This would be a great project, we love this neighborhood as it is, this would be such an added bonus.

  17. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    Most important agenda option in my opinion, tier 1 for sure!

  18. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    It would be fabulous and heavily used. Too many people currently use the railroad bridge, which is unsafe.

  19. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    It makes me so happy to see how many people want this! We've been thinking its a necessity since we moved here years ago!

  20. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    A great idea, it would really make carless travel to the nearby areas across the river a breeze!

  21. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    This is a much needed river crossing... no other bike or pedestrian crossing exists for 12 miles between the Sellwood Bridge and Oregon City. That's too far for many cyclists and most pedestrians!

  22. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: U407

    I would love the bike/pedestrian bridge over the river. I would vote this to beTier1 importance.

  23. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    I live just above the park with a birds eye view of the train trestle and frequently see bike commuters, kids/teenagers, dog walkers, and running enthusiasts just to name a few who frequently (daily) cross the river this way.
    Building a pedestrian bridge is an excellent idea that would allow people to safely cross the river instead of having to use the train trestle which is dangerous and illegal.

  24. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    High Importance, would be so helpful!

  25. June 11 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    very much needed. Would be heavily used