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  1. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: 2044

    Torbank is very much a connector street, and if a little creativity and vision is brought to the table, a great way to get pedestrians and bikers to McLoughlin, the Trolley Trail, the Park Avenue Light Rail Station, and a lot of commerce, to say nothing of the kids at North Oak Grove Elementary. If we reach a point of investing in a significant presence of neighorhood electric vehicles as well, this could be a really safe, effective transportation corridor with little impact on the neighborhoods. Tier 1.

  2. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: U795

    This is a disadvantaged neighborhood with many low-income folks, many with children. The Trolley Trail has provided a key community pedestrian and bike link to the rest of the community, and adding the last pieces of the infrastructure that would connect to the Trolley Trail along Courtney is a Tier 1 project.

  3. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: 1042

    The community of Oak Grove, or at least the part centered on Oak Grove Blvd, is becoming a much busier bike and pedestrian area with the completion of the Trolley Trail. Because there is significant retail presence on McLoughling Blvd at Oak Grove Blvd (a key node identified in the MAP process), this upgrade would substantially enhance commerce and community mobility. This should definitely be in Tier 1.

  4. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: 2088

    Having used Oatfield quite a bit, I can appreciate the interest in a safety audit. There are probably some improvements that can be made, but the road seems to function pretty well, except that the signal timing is atrocious (and wasteful of fuel). This can stay in Tier 1, but don't expect a lot of work to come of it.

  5. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: U137c

    River Road is becoming a major bikeway (this is a good thing). So to the extent there are gaps in the bike and pedestrian infrastructure here, they should be eliminated as soon as practicable. Leave this one in Tier 1.

  6. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: U724

    This project has good goals (increased pedestrian and bike access), but I question what people would be accessing via this connection. There is very little in the way of accessible commerce within a mile of the opposite side of 224, and very little along 224 itself. Why would pedestrians and bicyclists be using this route on a regular basis? It is probably appropriate in Tier 3, unless there is data to support it.

  7. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: U146

    Added bike lanes and at least one side of the road needs sidewalks. Traffic calming devices also need to be added. Traffic travels way to fast, and the road is very narrow. Make speeds 20mph.

  8. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: U724

    Added bike lanes and at least one side of the road needs sidewalks, especially given the proximity to the Milwaukie Center and N Clackamas Park.

  9. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    This project could be done at minimal cost to provide maximum accessibility. Without any serious disruption to the established communities at either end of a crossing, this project would enhance commerce on both sides of the River, and provide L.O. residents with access to the light rail line at the Park Avenue Station, via the Trolley Trail. A great way to connect communities with minimal impact and cost (including maintenance costs down the road). This should definitely be in Tier 1.

  10. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: U407

    There needs to be a better engineered intersection here to handle the increased bike and pedestrian traffic that is using the trolley trail at this area.

  11. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    This would be an amazing connection. I could go from Lake O to the Milwaukie Farmer's Market by bike or on foot! I could also get to the new light rail line being built in Milwaukie which would connect me to many other locations including the Airport!

  12. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    I currently never go to L. O. & environs, something that would change if there was a bridge here. I think a bridge would faciliate a great exchange of people between the two areas, for both recreation and commerce.

  13. June 10 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    Great project! One of the most needed in the county. Creates E/W connection (very needed!), and connects Trolley Trail (and the Portland connection) to LakeOswego.

  14. June 09 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    A pedestrian/bike bridge connecting SE with SW is a wonderful and needed project. It would bring business to both sides of the river- with more convenience to those riding or walking..Milwaukie's farmer's market was voted top farmers market of 2012--LO folks would love an easy way to bike over. And Milwaukie folks who currently have to drive to get to Tryon would be reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their health! Fantastic Project!

  15. June 09 2013

    Location: Rupert Rd / Oak Grove Blvd intersection

    A crosswalk at this location probably does not meet standards. A project to add a crosswalk in the TSP is not needed for the cost listed of $250,000. Any improvements here should be included in the sidewalk project.

  16. June 09 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    This would be a wonderful increase in accessibility between the East and west sides of the River (Lake Oswego and Milwaukie)!!

  17. June 09 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    Connecting Milwaukie to L.O. with a bike ped bridge and a riverfront trail would be great. The map needs to show the bike ped trail from OR 43 to OR 99E at Bluebird Street.

  18. June 08 2013

    ID_Number: U724

    This is a very dangerous road to walk. iving for the weeds in the only way to avoid being hit.

  19. June 08 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    This would be a very useful multi-modal transportation project. It would save time and energy and reduce pollution.

  20. June 08 2013

    ID_Number: 2087

    Safety for children should be highest priority.

  21. June 08 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    Too many other projects for safety should come first. This is just a "wouldn't it be neat to be able to walk to L.O. Actually NO!!!

  22. June 07 2013

    ID_Number: U707

    This arterial road has lots of pedestrian traffic, and growing amounts of biking traffic are currently using this road with no shoulders or safe transit areas. Build multi-use paths along Hill!

  23. June 07 2013

    ID_Number: U146

    Beautiful but skinny road with sheer drop offs that makes biking and walking very unsafe, however very desireable walking and biking route. A multi-use path is needed!

  24. June 07 2013

    ID_Number: U824

    This is a highly used road especially for pedestrians (Rex Putnam students and more), so pedestrian safety needs to be addresssed.

  25. June 07 2013

    ID_Number: 1042

    This basic step is very important for development of this "main Street" hub. This section of Oak Grove Blvd has SO much potential to be a community gathering space