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  1. June 07 2013

    ID_Number: U137b

    The number of walkers, students and runners who use this section warrants it being included in plans for sidewalks in my opinion

  2. June 06 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    If the railroad is not amenable to modifying the existing bridge, perhaps a new one can be built slightly south, at Bluff Rd or Oak Grove Blvd.

  3. June 06 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    A bike/pedestrian bridge across the Willamette would be wonderful! Currently, most of us need to use a car, and go quite a bit out of our way, to get to areas directly across the river from us. I would love to visit Tryon Park or Foothills Park without having to drive. In our area, a bike/ped bridge would be an major expansion of non-automobile connections between different locales.

  4. June 05 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    People in our neighborhood have talked about it. There is nothing but 100% enthusiasm for the bike/ped bridge.

  5. June 04 2013

    ID_Number: 1042

    Oak Grove Blvd. is missing sidewalks and curb between East Avenue and Rupert Drive along the south side of the street for 1668'. Using ODOT bid item prices the cost estimate is as follows. Curb 1668'x$12=$20,016, Walks 1668'x5'x$4=$33,360. Project cost is estimated to be 2x the bid item costs. ($20,016+$33,360)x2=$106,752. The Master List County Projects cost of $18,670,000 needs to be corrected.

  6. June 04 2013

    ID_Number: 2045

    There are bike lanes, curb, and sidewalk along both sides of Courtney Avenue between OR 99E and Oatfield Road. This project should be removed.

  7. June 03 2013

    ID_Number: U724

    Schools, churches, parks, many cars and school buses, but no shoulders and NO SIDEWALKS! Bad combination, but super opportunity to make an important neighborhood connector safer and pedestrian friendly.

  8. June 03 2013

    ID_Number: U149a

    We drive our kids the .5 mile to Candy Lane elementary because it's not safe for them to bike or walk. Waste of fuel and time. In addition to the obvious pedestrian and bike safety concern; improved connectivity to the Trolley Trail would be a welcome improvement by the neighborhood. Again, gas up and drive now.

  9. June 02 2013

    ID_Number: U407

    Side walks will become more important when the Max service to Park St starts.

  10. June 02 2013

    ID_Number: U137a

    A tier 1 project. There are many pedestrians and they have to walk in the street.

  11. June 02 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    A great idea. I would use this weekly to walk to Lake Oswego. It turns a 10 mile trip into 1 mile.

  12. June 01 2013

    ID_Number: 2087

    In order for people who live at the top of Jennings hill to walk to public transit at Oatfield Rd.,they must first traverse an area between Jade Ct. and Pagoda Ct. where there is no way to get out of the traffic lanes. This is extremely dangerous in the daylight, and near suicide at night. Rectifying this situation should be of the highest priority. Myself, and others, have tried to no avail to get something done here before someone is killed.

  13. June 01 2013

    ID_Number: 2044

    There is 580' of missing sidewalk and curb along the south side of Torbank Road between River Road and Oak Grove Elementary School. ODOT bid price for curb is $12/ lf and walks is $4/sf. 580'x$12+580'x5'x$4=$18,560. Project Cost twice the bid prices =$37,120. The feasibility and cost if feasible of sidewalk between the school and the Trolley Trail needs to be determined. The right of way of this segment of Torbank Road is narrow. The Master List County Projects cost of $1,350,000 needs to be review and corrected.

  14. June 01 2013

    ID_Number: U815

    Park Avenue was rebuilt within the last ten years with north side sidewalks, curbs along both sides of street, and drainage. Park Avenue is missing 1680 lf of 5' sidewalk along the south side. ODOT Bid Price for walks is $4/sf. 1680'x5'x$4= $33,600. Project cost is assumed to be twice the cost of the walks alone $67,200. The Master List County Projects cost for this project of $1,750,000 needs to be corrected.

  15. May 31 2013

    ID_Number: U149a

    This is a heavy traffic street with children crossing to walk to Candy Lane Elementary and for Jennings Lodge Elementary. There are also bus stops for youth who are taking the bus to Oregon City Schools that live in this neighborhood. There is commercial truck traffic on this street -- semi's do travel it because of the East West connection McLoughlin to Webster Road and to the I-205. Residents also walk up the hill to Oatfield for Metro Bus Service and down the hill to McLoughline for Metro Bus Service. Very dangerous at night for pedestrians because there is insufficient safety zone and no sidewalk.

  16. May 29 2013

    ID_Number: U407

    Pedestrians need to be accommodated. They cross Hwy 99 without protection. Helping them is a highest priority. Many of these people don't have cars and they can't walk the long distances between crosswalks. At least the businesses are slowly moving closer to the road.

  17. May 28 2013

    ID_Number: 2088

    Close to large trucks between Lake Rd/Oatfield and Park Avenue/Oatfield.

  18. May 27 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    This would be fantastic. We need multiple bike ped crossing over the willamette between OC and Portland. This would be a start.

  19. May 23 2013

    ID_Number: 2088

    Provide a SMART bus, similar to Wilsonville for low ridership areas.

  20. May 23 2013

    ID_Number: U146

    Aldercrest is one of our only "beautiful, tranquil & peaceful areas left in our area. Let's make it a scenic area to enjoy along Kellogg Creek; allowing only bikes, pedestrians and one lane traffic.

  21. May 23 2013

    ID_Number: U149a

    would like to see Jennings improved all the way from River Rd to Webster Rd because it's the area's longest/best continuous E-W connection now ; if it was extended/improved through to I-205 it would be even more efficient .

  22. May 23 2013

    Location: Thiessen Rd / Aldercrest Rd intersection

    any improvement at this 3 way stop/bottleneck would be welcome

  23. May 21 2013

    ID_Number: U137a

    Change project description to complete missing sideawalk segments along west side of River Road. Correct map or project description so the beginning of the project is clear.

  24. May 21 2013

    ID_Number: 2044

    Correct map. Show poject ending at Trolley Trail. Correct project description. Replace word 'pedways' with sildewalk.

  25. May 21 2013

    Location: Oatfield Rd / Park Rd intersection

    Tri met is buildilng this project. Remove project from project list.