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  1. May 21 2013

    ID_Number: U795

    Correct project description. Courtney has bike lanes on both sides of the street. The project should include sidewalks on both sides of the street.

  2. May 21 2013

    ID_Number: U146

    Lots of accidents on Aldercrest. It's not at all safe to walk. This would be great.

  3. May 21 2013

    ID_Number: U137c

    More congestion on River Road now; bikeways and pedways would be helpful.

  4. May 20 2013

    ID_Number: 1042

    Sidewalk and bike lanes needed here for sure.

  5. May 20 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    pedestrian connection would be awesome!

  6. May 20 2013

    ID_Number: 2088

    Definitely important for safety of kids going to school and to encourage walking and biking. Create a highly visible bike lane here.

  7. May 20 2013

    ID_Number: U795

    Important pedestrian connection and route to school.

  8. May 20 2013

    ID_Number: U815

    Since there is a good sidewalk on one side of Park Avenue, I encourage attention elsewhere in the short term.

  9. May 20 2013

    ID_Number: U407

    Very important, but must be done well and designed to fit the community's vision and work being done via the current MAP-IT process. Please work with this group to design improvements that will maximize benefits to Mcloughlin businesses and local residents.

  10. May 20 2013

    ID_Number: 2044

    Important route to Oak Grove Elementary, should connect to Mcloughlin. Encourage county to work out an easement or something alongside the bomber property.

  11. May 20 2013

    ID_Number: U137a

    lots of families walk their kids to school here, older folks walk too and the wide shoulders just allow drivers to wander.

  12. May 19 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    There is no ped/bike Willamette River crossing between the Sellwood Bridge and the Oregon City Arch Bridge, a span of 10-12 miles. Please join the people and businesses of Milwaukie/Oak Grove with their friends in Lake Oswego and cut my one way commute from 13 miles to 7.

  13. May 19 2013

    ID_Number: U818

    Completing the sidewalk on the south side of Roethe Road from OR 99E to the Trolley Trail is a low cost project since their are existing curbs and drainage. The few section of sidewalk should be moved up to Tier 1.

  14. May 19 2013

    ID_Number: U818

    Completing the sidewalk on the south side of Roethe Road from OR 99E to the Trolley Trail is a low cost project since their are existing curbs and drainage. The few section of sidewalk should be moved up to Tier 1.

  15. May 19 2013

    ID_Number: U813

    Naef has sidewalks on the south side to the Trolley Trail. There are only 3 missing sections of sidewalk on the north side between OR 99E and the Trolley Trail. The north side has curbs and drainage. Completing these few section of sidewalk would be inexpensive. This project should be moved to Tier 1 due to its low cost.
    Completing sidewalks to River Road should not be included now do to the high cost. Naef has 40' of right of way east of River Road to existing sidewalk. Change location ending section at Trolley Trail. Naef does not go through to Oatfield Road. Change description to complete sidewalk on north side of street in this section. This comment concerns the section of Naef between OR99E and River Road.

  16. May 19 2013

    ID_Number: 1042

    Oak Grove Blvd. has bikelanes on both sides of the street. Between River Road and OR 99E it is missing sidewalk between East Avenue and Rupert Drive along the south side of the street. Constructing a sidewalk
    in this section is a low priority when so many street totally lack sidewalks. This project should be rank as a Tier 3 project and a project to completed the missing sections of sidewalk along the east side of Rupert Drive between Oak Grove Blvd. and the Trolley Trail should replace it as a Tier 1 project.

  17. May 19 2013

    ID_Number: U815

    Park Avenue has bike lanes and a sidewalk along the north side of the street. Constructing a sidewalk along the south side of the street is a low priority. This project should be deleted or be a Tier 3 Project.

  18. May 19 2013

    ID_Number: U140a

    Concord Road has a 40' right of way between OR 99E and River Road except where there has been improvements requiring donation of right of way and sidewalk construction. Additional sidewalk construction will require the purchase of right of way. It will be very costly and likely result in a storm of opposition causing the project to be cancelled. I suggest this project be dropped and replaced with a project along Risely Avenue which has a 60' right of way.

  19. May 18 2013

    ID_Number: U407

    McLaughlin continues to grow commercially faster than the public improvements can keep up. Although some improvements have been made that have help, the street still lacks a unified, attractive look, with safety. In particular, without street lighting in the long streaches between intersections, drivers just can't see pedestrians in dark clothing on rainy nights. Also, the lane striping needs to be renewed morefrequently to enhance visibility.

  20. May 17 2013

    ID_Number: 1042

    There are no gaps

  21. May 17 2013

    ID_Number: 1037

    A bridge here would be a dream come true, connecting us to businesses and providing recreational access on both sides of the river for families/kids.

  22. May 17 2013

    ID_Number: U149a

    Live at the corner of Jennings and Oatfield (6100 SE Jennings). When you say widen; assume that means a bike path only. That would appear to be a necessary Tier 1 improvement for both access and safety. Either side makes sense. Belive the County built the fence on our property at one time when Jennings was widened.