Comments for “Florida Avenue Multimodal Transportation Study”

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  1. Stringio

    Added February 11 2019

    I would like to urge that these Florida Ave. plans include planting of street trees—in particular between 4th st and Benning Road. And in your selection of trees, please prioritize large trees that will provide shade and reduce pollution, and please include a good diversity of tree species to increase resilience. A green streetscape will make a huge difference in transforming Florida Ave into a more beautiful, enjoyable, healthy, and vibrant part of our city. Thank you!

  2. Stringio

    Added January 16 2019

    As a resident of DC and an avid cyclist, I applaud your efforts to redevelop Florida Ave. and am particularly interested in the opportunity that this provides to increase the city's tree canopy.

    In doing so, I'd request that you:

    1) Plant street trees between 4th Street and Benning Road
    2) Prioritize large trees for shade and to reduce pollution
    3) Maintain tree diversity to increase resilience

    These actions will go a long way in mitigating the changing climate and making for a much more pleasant bike ride!

  3. Stringio

    Added January 13 2019

    Thanks, DDOT, for all your work to make DC a green, more walkable and bikeable city. I'm excited to see how you will improve this stretch of Florida Avenue, which is an important corridor for transportation, but treacherous for bike commuters like me. I encourage you to build a protected bike lane along this stretch and to plant trees to calm traffic, provide shade, and improve air quality. I can't wait to see this concrete tunnel of danger transform into a complete street that puts people ahead of cars!

  4. Stringio

    Added September 21 2018

    As a major transportation corridor in NE DC, Florida Ave is used - and loathed - by many. I echo almost all of the comments already posted, and want to reiterate two things: Florida Ave needs trees and protected bicycle lanes.

    Trees have a number of benefits along transportation corridors like this: they provide shade to street users, help with traffic calming, and beautify the area, among many other benefits. To create a greener Florida Ave and work towards the city's environmental goals it is critical that this project prioritize large canopy trees to maximize benefits, and maintain a diverse array of species to increase tree resilience.

    Protected bike lanes would not only increase the number of cyclists and pedestrians that utilize the corridor, but it would also commitment to the safety of people walking and biking over the convenience and speed of driving.

    These two critical, and simple requests for this project will benefit all users, from pedestrians to cyclists to bus drivers and motorists, and provide a concrete example of the city's commitment to a sustainable, resilient future of all of its residents.

  5. Stringio

    Added August 11 2018

    Please widen sidewalks and narrow roadway on Florida Ave by Gallaudet. Sidewalks on the south side of Florida there are dangerously narrow and unusable for the disabled. The roadway should be narrowed to four lanes instead of five or six to calm traffic and make room for trees and sidewalks. Thanks!

  6. Stringio

    Added August 07 2018

    Honored to be the first to comment on what's widely accepted as one of the worst/most dangerous intersections in the metro area. The traffic pattern (is there a pattern?) at this monstrous intersection is dangerous for everyone – drivers, buses, bikers, and pedestrians. I've seen accidents involving all four in various combinations. Please push for Concept Six:

  7. Stringio

    Added August 07 2018

    Concur with the existing comments. Speeding on Florida Ave. is a serious problem, especially with the number of children walking to and from school. Few drivers observe the crosswalks (and some just run over the current signage).

  8. Stringio

    Added August 07 2018

    Supporting some of the comments already left. Drivers turning right onto Florida Ave. from Ist almost never see the pedestrian crosswalk or signal on Florida Ave. and drive directly through crossing pedestrians. This is not rare – a car turns into the crosswalk (during the walk signal) 50% of the time I cross this street. I observe very near misses once a week. Also, cars traveling fast southeast on Florida Ave. often miss the light at Orren St. and drive into traffic from Orren St. and I St. I have personally witnessed two accidents as a result. *Please fix this totally insane intersection. Someone will be seriously hurt or killed soon.*

  9. Stringio

    Added August 07 2018

    This is a long block with bars and restaurants on the northern and southern sides but without a pedestrian crosswalk mid-block (e.g. 14th & S/T NW). As a result, pedestrians are constantly running across the street instead of using the crossings at 14th or 13th.

  10. Stringio

    Added August 06 2018

    I agree that something needs to be done about this light. As a pedestrian I routinely see cars run red lights and not stop for us.

  11. Stringio

    Added August 06 2018

    This whole intersection is difficult to navigate for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. I tend to just avoid it whenever possible. Particularly at the WV Ave, L St, 9th intersection, it's impossible to see all oncoming traffic.

  12. Stringio

    Added August 06 2018

    It would be great to have a bike lane, preferably a separated/protected one on Florida from Benning to New York. We're likely to see more cyclists in the area as Union Market gets more developed. As it is now, Florida Ave is very dangerous for cyclists as cars speed along it without much attention paid to stop signs, lights or speed limits.

  13. Stringio

    Added August 06 2018

    Agreed that the intersection of 13 and I needs a 4 way stop. Those traveling on I often don't realize that cross traffic doesn't stop. Cars on 13th often speed through. It's very dangerous.

  14. Stringio

    Added August 06 2018

    The stretch of Florida between Trinidad and 14th Street and on to intersection at H, Benning and Bladensburg, is so dangerous. I've seen a number of accidents there in the last few months. I cross Florida at Orren and Staples multiple times a day. Car coming SE on Florida do not stop at the light at Orren. They do not stop for pedestrians.

    I think they should make the light in front of the fire station at Florida and Orren happen on a timer (rather than only when tripped by a pedestrian or waiting car) and make it longer. This would make cars slow down through this high pedestrian area, reduce vehicular accidents, and allow pedestrians to cross without running. The same could be done for the light coming from Benning/Bladensburg/H on the other side. The Y intersection at Florida at 14 should be an obligatory stop for everyone.

  15. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    This entire stretch of Florida Ave. is extremely dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. Motorists treat this stretch like a drag strip and often exceed the speed limits. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to jump out of the way of a speeding car crossing Florida to get to the bus stop on H/14th

  16. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    Something needs to be done about the traffic pattern for the Fire Station. The Fire Department feels the need to run red lights when returning to the station. This often confuses drivers and leads to the Fire Fighters to lay on their airhorn. This is dangerous and a nuisance for the neighborhood.

  17. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    The intersection of 13th/I needs to be a 4-way stop. The rest of I street along this corridor has 4-way stops and people approaching 13th often do not realize that traffic on 13th doesn't have a stop sign. It's also dangerous for cyclists.

  18. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    There needs to be "No Parking" signs in this alley. The Fire Fighters constantly park their oversized vehicles here. Some of these vehicles are so large that you cannot get through the alley with another vehicle.

  19. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    This needs to be a Residential Parking Only zone. People going out on H Street are constantly parking here, taking what little bit of street parking the Fire Department has left for us.

  20. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    The two crosswalks at the intersection of Staples St. NE and Florida Ave NE are dangerous and hardly every obeyed. The "Stop for Pedestrian" signs are run over by cars frequently and often missing which is evidence of the crazy driving around here. These should have flashing lights to go with them or some other means of actually stopping cars.

  21. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    There needs to be a "No Turn On Red" sign for the traffic entering Florida from I Street. This is a dangerous intersection beause people blow through the intersection without realizing there is oncoming traffic from Orren Street

  22. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    Fines for double parked vehicles that block the streetcar should be tripled. Too often I see vehicles waiting to drop off/pick up people/products from the stores, blocking the streetcar path for just enough time that they dont get towed. Streetcar drivers should have the ability to photograph and document violators rather than having to wait for police (since the violators will have driven away by then.). See software for immediate realtime documentation possibilities.

  23. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    Pedestrians who are walking from Union Stations to the street car or bus stop on the north side of the street usually do so without waiting for the walk sign. When the walk sign is lit, traffic travelling eastbound or vehicles turning east existing union station garage ignore the pedestrians walking. There needs to be clearer pedestrian indications to walk, and greater pedestrian protections here.

  24. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    When standing on the pedestrian median waiting to walk southward across Benning towards the Pentacle Apartments, it is impossible to know when cars facing northward on 15th may choose to turn right (east) onto Benning. Sometimes they do, sometimes they dont, at high rates fo speed, often catching pedestrians who have a walk sign. Ive seen this as a problem for elderly, children, all ages. An accident waiting to happen.

  25. Stringio

    Added August 05 2018

    When exiting the streetcar at 15th and the Starburst, if you are standing on the raised pedestrian median to cross over to the Pencle apartments, there is nothing that woudl protect you should cars travelling down H to Benning were to run up onto the median. We know this is a possibility because of the BoltBus that ran up onto the Streetcar stop and totally demolished it on 3rd and H, and eastbound drivers often are travelling at ridiculous rates of speed.