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  1. January 30 2014

    Yes! Agree with other commenters -- let's get rid of the northwest and southeast extensions of D Street.

  2. January 30 2014

    All of the proposed play areas seem geared toward older kids, although the current "guerrilla playground" is used by small toddlers. I agree with what another commenter said -- all of the proposed play areas are interesting to adults, but overthought in terms of suitability for small kids.

  3. January 29 2014

    I will have this part remove from design, it looks like a lot of maintenance. Make the playground less crowded Also like the idea of interactive water feature

  4. January 29 2014

    I will add curb extension, on all corners.

  5. January 29 2014

    I rather see the median with a wall instead of bioswale

  6. January 29 2014

    If the bus stop stay in this section the side walk should be brought in so that the buses are not blocking the incoming traffic

  7. January 29 2014

    I would not include a water feature in this plan. It is already a busy section. This will create more disruption. Instead I will move this water feature to concept B

  8. January 29 2014

    As big a Bosque as possible. It is beautiful. Water feature great with Bosque and library nice mix with public space. i like the raised median strip as opposed to swale - bike path may be possible as suggested

  9. January 29 2014

    I think berm landforms somewhere here would be great. Also, given all of the other playgrounds in the area, there will have to be something novel or unique about this playground for parents' to take their children here.

  10. January 29 2014

    Concept B seems preferable, but if Concept A wins out, I might reduce of the bosque here and then add the water feature from concept B

  11. January 29 2014

    If we're changing the median of Pennsylvania Avenue, why wouldn't we put bike lanes in the middle of the median? We could still put plants, etc. on either side, and then the middle could be bike lanes.

  12. January 29 2014

    concept A is fraught with problems. Basically small children need smaller areas for play with normal play equuipment, not snails, etc. The parents need to physically see the child at all times. This plan would not offer this. Berms are also problematic for same reasons. Water sources, such as shown as river lets, are not for small children which will play in it, get wet, dirty etc. The plan for small children is too vast and will attract older kids, dogs etc.

  13. January 29 2014

    In addition to my earlier comment about moving all bus stops that are currently located here, another reason is to reduce the substantial loitering in this space in front of the nearby businesses (e.g., Starbucks, OXXO).

  14. January 29 2014

    This intersection is very dangerous for pedestrians. A timed crosswalk from one side of 8th Street to the other is definitely needed (i.e., a timed signal that's used to connect the Starbucks side of 8th Street to the Dunkin' Donuts side); otherwise, it will continue to be a dangerous and difficult place to cross the street.

  15. January 29 2014

    This comment applies to both Concept A and Concept B. The bus stop here should be moved for all buses (including the circulator). Preferably it should be tied into a bus stop on Pennsyvlania Avenue (e.g., nearer to the Metro Plaza).

  16. January 29 2014

    While moveable chairs are a nice idea, they would disappear. Stationary benches (too short to lie down on and/or with armrests) better. But have some benches arranged in "conversational" groupings, maybe some small tables and stationary chairs so people could play games, eat lunch.

  17. January 29 2014

    Keep the playground simple. A house or structure or two, climing stuff. (wood, natural materials please). No ticky tacky reproductions. Kids need space to run around, play, make up their own stories. Interactive splash fountain should be near here. Shade and benches for caregivers.

  18. January 29 2014

    I like the larger play area for kids.

  19. January 28 2014

    this corner should have more paving, as it is a major entrance to the plaza from points SW. Otherwise people will just trample the grass / landscaping.

  20. January 28 2014

    get rid of this extension -- total waste of space and only encourages accidents and car use

  21. January 28 2014

    get rid of this cut through!!

  22. January 28 2014

    D Street should be a "woonerf" (look it up) -- a street that is for people and cars. People like to cross in the middle of the road so doing to access businesses should be encouraged.

  23. January 28 2014

    consider adding "breaks" or spaced in these benches to allow people to easily access the businesses on D Street from the metro plaza.

  24. January 28 2014

    I can't believe these people who abandoned their tacky plastic playmobile houses in the public park have managed to stake their claim to it. If I have to walk around another metal gated area to go across this area I will be pissed off.

  25. January 28 2014

    You should remove this ugly bra shaped cover over the metro escalators.