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  1. January 03 2014

    Although not part of your concepts, you should consider investing in minor aesthetic upgrades that extend to the treeboxes on 8th street. Rather than just mulch, you could put in raised rod iron fencing and a few easy perennials. It is a minor investment that would greatly enhance a main restaurant thoroughfare and ultimately extend the great work you are doing in this area.

  2. January 03 2014

    I agree with earlier comments that, given how existing seating and benches are used, increased bench and seating (in both concepts) may make this area less than usable, or less aesthetically pleasing than you may be imagining. On that note, I live only three blocks from the EM metro to my townhome and am usually asked for money about two times a night on the walk home and sometimes up to four times a night. I realize that I might sound like a jerk, but I hope this redesign won't make this already uncomfortable situation worse.

  3. January 02 2014

    The Plastic Park works as a guerilla play space because of its sense of community and place, not because of its theme or the types of existing play structures and toys. The concept of creating a US Capitol knockoff feels contrived and misses the mark. There is significant room for improvement over what currently exists, and this concept just codifies the "Plastic Park" in another thematic form. It probably sounds more convincing to other architects or designers that it does to parents of small children seeking out playgrounds.

  4. January 02 2014

    Connecting the existing Southeast branch to the adjoining Metro Plaza is a sound idea

  5. January 02 2014

    "Adult Play Area" -- this is an unfortunately named space, although I do like the open space concept. My child is too old for plastic park and much of what's proposed for Parcel 1. Can't this areas just be name something more inclusive? "Village Green" or "Play Space" Why shouldn't kids be entitled to run around, kick a soccer ball, or toss a frisbee if they choose?

  6. January 02 2014

    Sitting water attracts rodents and insects (and garbage!).

  7. January 02 2014

    I like Concept A overall. Like seeing the improvements for play area and local interpretation

  8. January 02 2014

    I like the library expansion. The library needs to be expanded/enhanced to serve our area's neighborhoods.

  9. January 02 2014

    Great to see the stormwater management features, and reestablishing a little more natural greenspace to the area.

  10. January 02 2014

    I like seeing all of the stormwater management/bioswale features.

  11. January 01 2014

    Bioswales are just not for a humid and warm place like DC that has a lot of rainfall during the summer. Capitol Hill is built over a swamp and already has an invasion of mosquito every summer.

  12. January 01 2014

    A river in the park is likely to attract rodents.

  13. January 01 2014

    Bioswales will result in swampy conditions that will attract rats and breed mosquitos.

  14. January 01 2014

    Great to see all this "green infrastructure" being considered here. We need more of this throughout the city. Particularly like the bioswales and stormwater retention options. Best of all worlds...turn the city from a funnel to a sponge!

  15. December 31 2013

    Agree with previous commenters, this plan needs VERY bright lights for walking through this park at night. The park is a thoroughfare for many and should be open and well lit.

  16. December 31 2013

    The glass library entrance in concept B does not match the scale, presence or architectural style of the main library building.

  17. December 31 2013

    I like the bosque and fountain concepts but they may only work for 3 seasons (not winter)

  18. December 30 2013

    I continue to be dismayed that the design team dismisses the idea of a mid-block crossing out of hand. Pedestrian patterns clearly show that a mid-block crossing is and will continue to be used by people regardless of what the "planners" want. The idea should have been included in the transportation survey and should be given serious consideration. The pressure on pedestrian safety at mid-block will only increase with the new buildings on the Hine site -- as a main entrance will be located in the middle of the block directly across from the Metro station. Does anyone seriously believe that people won't be tempted to (and find a way to) cross directly from the Metro station to the building entrance at mid-block?

  19. December 29 2013

    Given how the benches in this park are currently used, I worry this design would make the situation worse.

  20. December 28 2013

    100% agreed as to the need for excellent lighting.

  21. December 28 2013

    We don't need more landscaping--we do need more usable space! The lawn is better here than the landscaping.

  22. December 28 2013

    We really need a pedestrian path through this park leading to D Street. There is a worn dirt path there now and there will be a worn path through the playground unless you create a deliberate one.

  23. December 27 2013

    I love the idea of a playground here. However, keep it simple. These areas traditionally are not well maintained. The more stuff you add here the more things to sit broken for years.

  24. December 27 2013

    The plaza already is a large dead space. Creating a dense stand of trees will add to the dead nature of the place while at the same time creating a place for muggers to hide at night.

  25. December 27 2013

    I think a fountain is a bad idea. In addition to providing a water source for rats, it is likely to be ill maintained and become an eyesore in a few years.