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  1. December 27 2013

    Any water feature in this parcel will be a maintenance nightmare and will not be suitable for use by children. Since it's only purpose would be decorative, I suggest replacing it with a sculpture.

  2. December 27 2013

    The play area for children should include a zero-depth splash pad designed for children age 6 and under. Standard play equipment (slides, ladders, etc.) should be installed for use by these young children.

  3. December 24 2013

    I hope any final plan will include better lighting in this parcel.

  4. December 24 2013

    I frequently cross this parcel from 8th and Pennsylvania headed toward 7th and South Carolina. You've eliminated a direct path (which, not incidentally, also eliminates the line of one of L'Enfant's original boulevards).

  5. December 24 2013

    Children (and the homeless) are the primary users of this parcel, and I am delighted to see that the designs are focused on creating a permanent play space for children.

  6. December 24 2013

    the idea of buidling a mini capitol hill here is just ridiculous. Kids climbing all over a miniature replica of the capital building? A periscope?! Come on! We need a bigger library, not some weird snail toy for privileged toddlers with nannies.

  7. December 23 2013

    I cannot believe that WMATA would approve a bioswale on top of its tunnels. This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

  8. December 23 2013

    fountains are often broken and/or dirty. Is this where funds should really go?

  9. December 23 2013

    I think putting the fountain away from the metro entrance makes more sense. Thought having it near a road with kids running around might not be the best either.

  10. December 23 2013

    As a biker, the crosswalk extensions make it really obnoxious to bike next to cars.