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  1. January 12 2014

    I agree entirely with the earlier poster. If we can close the south portion of D, let's do the same up here! It's an eyesore and hard to cross here.

  2. January 12 2014

    I definitely support removing this part of D St. It could add a good amount of green space and seems like such a trivial roadway that only makes the intersection of D and 8th all the more dangerous and difficult to cross.

  3. January 11 2014

    The splash pad at Canal Park has been wonderful, so many kids enjoy it, but I agree that the threat from cars is a little scary, both here and on M Street. Are the concrete barriers around the one on M Street enough to keep cars away, and will it be duplicated here? Maybe a better location for this is across Penn, with the other water feature and where plastic park is now.

  4. January 11 2014

    The U.S. Capitol / Monuments playground in Rosedale has been hugely popular since it opened last year - looking forward to seeing another in DC to reflect our important buildings.

  5. January 09 2014

    Who is responsible for maintaining this landscaped area?

  6. January 09 2014

    Implementation of this design needs to include a specific plan and funding for ongoing maintenance.

  7. January 09 2014

    I applaud the use of trees in this very small triangle. I do not live in the residences facing this park, but I think the design should respect their privacy. I would think that the trees would offer a wonderful buffer that would help separate the active play area from the homes on D Street..

  8. January 09 2014

    Having benches facing the play area is wonderful idea. Restored parks in other cities have used benches with multiple armrests. These benches are very attractive and communicate the expectation citizens should sit and not nap as the space between the armrests is not long enough for an adult to lay down.

  9. January 09 2014

    Bioswales are a great idea. If they are constructed correctly, they shouldn't pool surface water that draws rats.

  10. January 09 2014

    I love the idea of a fountain. The design proposed in the slide presentation would offer tranquility in the midst of a busy intersection. I would find it soothing -- to me, it is an adult distraction and not intended for tot recreation. There is adequate park space for tots. Close attention should be give to water accumulation so that it does not puddle to attract rats

  11. January 09 2014

    Why not re-locate the bus stop on Penn Ave near 7th street, near the bike racks.... so when folks ascend from the metro, the are not immediately greeted with bus fumes and the clutter.
    Instead visitor's eyes would see trees and the info hub.

  12. January 08 2014

    Any design of this high traffic area needs to bear in mind the actual patterns of foot traffic. For example, people will still cut across this area to get to the north side of S Carolina Ave. Better to plan for that with an appropriate paved path, rather than end up with an inevitable and ugly dirt path. Look at the current plaza for clues as to where people actually end up walking.

  13. January 08 2014

    Fully agree with others comments here. I would not feel comfortable bringing my child to play in this fountain with so much foot traffic. It also risks getting people wet who are walking by to get to the metro, especially if wearing suits and on a windy day. Also agree with the maintenance concerns. Any such water feature should be in another section with less foot traffic.

  14. January 06 2014

    Pedestrians have defined a walkway here, just as the parents have defined a playground. Why ignore one over the other? Both should be able to be accommodated.

  15. January 06 2014

    End the jaywalking mid-block with either design. There's no excuse for pedestrians breaking the law out of laziness on this stretch. Cross at the lights.

  16. January 06 2014

    toddler splash fountain near the intersection is dangerous. also bus waiting area here will leave bus patrons with wet toddlers running among them.

  17. January 05 2014

    What about this tree planting will keep people from taking the shortcut to the corner. People are accustomed to the path already there.

  18. January 05 2014

    I'm concerned about people sleeping or living on the park benches, making this an unattractive space for community use.

  19. January 05 2014

    I really think that a mid-block crossing should be considered. People need it and we should make it safe for them to do so.

  20. January 05 2014

    I think the library expansion would be a good idea.

  21. January 05 2014

    I don't think a fountain makes sense at such a busy transit point. It's great in the Yards and Canal Park, but kids like to run around and there is less traffic and more room there. Here, it's too busy.

  22. January 05 2014

    I like the Navy Yard play area for this spot.

  23. January 05 2014

    There is talk of eliminating the tiny stretch of D St. SE (south) in front of Dunkin' Donuts. I like that. So why not also close off the stretch of D St. SE (north) and provide some kind of mini-plaza/open space in front of the coming Hine development? At least that would make the parcels complementary.

  24. January 05 2014

    Much as I like fountains, the comment suggesting a maintenance problem may be right. Many fountains in the city end up empty and, therefore, unattractive. If not a fountain, then a statue, but can we please have a statue of a woman? There are too few such statues in DC.

  25. January 05 2014

    The more trees, the better. Benches are good.