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  1. January 28 2014

    You need more shade here. In the summer it's just awful.

  2. January 28 2014

    As a biker I avoid this whole area.

  3. January 28 2014

    Is there really space for a splash park here? It's hard to walk here there are so many pedestrians. I don't look forward to getting wet or having to walk into the street to avoid this.

  4. January 28 2014

    It seems unfair and undemocratic to separate the park into child zones and dog zones and adult zones. It's better to have open space everyone can use.

  5. January 28 2014

    I think you need to speed up traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue by timing the lights properly.

  6. January 28 2014

    You need a crosswalk here. Do you see the opportunity path people have made through the grass?! and walkway there. Keep in mind people use this whole square as a walkway.

  7. January 28 2014

    I'd like conventional bike lanes on both the Eastbound and Westbound lanes of Pennsylvania Avenue. The bikes need to integrate into the traffic patterns, but also knit themselves into the community. This is still a residential neighborhood, and bikes will come into the metropark from all directions (mine sure does!)

  8. January 28 2014

    Overall I significantly prefer Concept A. It feels more like my Capitol Hill/Eastern Market neighborhood, yet upgrades the look and feel of the metropark. I would like it to be yet more pedestrian friendly at the eight street conglomer-intersection. I love the Tree Bosque idea, and the more passive nature of parcel 4. I'm not especially in love with parcel 1, but it does address a desire for a kids area while allowing for commuter pedestrians and quiet seating. I prefer traffic calming measures (speed bumps, neckdowns, altered pavement) to changing traffic directions. I'd like conventional bike lanes on both the Eastbound and Westbound sides of Pennsylvania avenue, and more green, sustainable site management, such as the bioswales.

  9. January 28 2014

    I'm concerned with the 'all things to all people' approach going on in sector 1. I think the Capitol and streets portion is imaginative, but I think it may need to be a bit more protected from all the pedestrian traffic to So.Car and to D Street. I'm also concerned about maintenance of these structures and the meandering water feature. Perhaps if the whole Capitol and streets piece can be made a tad smaller, and moved directly east, it would allow for ease of pedestrians going around it to D street, and a bit more protected from the anonymous Pennsylvania avenue side. Lastly, I'd like to keep 'Memorial Tree', and moving the cityscape about 20' east might just keep the tree.

  10. January 28 2014

    If this piece of D Street is closed, the triangle effectively becomes the 'front yard' for Dunkin Donuts and TCP. That's all well and good, but it will have to be designed differently to accommodate these two populations, as well as buses, etc. I'd prefer to keep that stretch of D street open.

  11. January 28 2014

    Great place for the taxi-stand.

  12. January 28 2014

    From 6th street to 10th street, the traffic needs to slow down. put in traffic calming, speed bumps, neckdowns to slow it coming into the Eastern Market Park. Then the whole zone can be more pedestrian friendly.

    It also would allow for a mid-block crossing between 7th and 8th, perhaps punctuated by a raised crosswalk.

  13. January 28 2014

    Love the bioswales and stormwater management.

  14. January 28 2014

    Although I like the idea of a water feature, I do NOT like the idea of a fountain for kids and people to run through. If you want the kids fountain, put it in parcel 1. Parcel 4 can be more passive, a bird or 'water feature' fountain to look at or put your feet in at most, possibly on the lawn across from the library.

  15. January 28 2014

    This location is a good location for the buses that currently arrive in front of Starbucks. I recognize that there's not enough frontage for more than one bus, but I'd prefer more buses arriving here than south of the intersection.

  16. January 28 2014

    I really like the bosque concept. Don't fill it with anything, except possibly perimeter seating, looking both in and out.

  17. January 28 2014

    Part of the problem with this multi-modal intersection is that so many competing modes are using an awkward geometry. One solution may be to pave a 'super rectangle of space from the north part of D, north of the park, to the south part of D, south of the park, and then about 10' beyond the east and west sidewalks of 8th street. Let the whole zone be paved w/pervious paving. Then let there be a three phased traffic signal -- one for E/W-bound Pennsylvania Avenue traffic, one for N/S-bound 8th street traffic, and a third for pedestrians to cross wherever and however they need to. The traffic lights should be briefer than they currently are, and the pedestrian one should be long. with Concept A, most pedestrians can avoid the mid-block desire line. Also, it may force more traffic to detour around Eastern Market metropark, and head for 395, or other alternate routes to get to the other side of this neighborhood. It could also be a more European square feeling, and more neighborhoody.

  18. January 28 2014

    I'd prefer to keep the traffic on D Street going westbound. to make it less 'attractive', include traffic calming devices such as neckdowns and traffic bumps.

  19. January 28 2014

    Where are plans for maintenance stream? why will this be easier to keep clean and attractive than what was built before?

  20. January 28 2014

    What sort of lights will be installed for safety? Ones that won't be spotlights into the neighbors? The new trees shade the view from homes on 8th and any tall trees in the median on Penn will block views from the Metro Plaza. In every meeting Safety was a concern. I don't see it addressed

  21. January 28 2014

    Where are design ideas for maintenance and cleanup? These bus stops are constantly full of food debris and trash.

  22. January 28 2014

    There needs to be a path and crosswalk here. This is actually where most people cross the street to get to the Metro from the north side. All the sidewalk plans in the world won't change where people walk.

  23. January 27 2014

    I think kids would tire of this park after a few visits. A younger kid park with durable traditional play structures would be more useful. The rubberized matting is hot in the summer.

  24. January 25 2014

    wide sidewalk is unused; indent parking spaces into walk area to increase visibility of drivers for peds and viceversa; also enhance traffic flow/safety

  25. January 25 2014

    indent curb for short term parking for Library and drug store and Metro. Enhance flow/parking drop off, to increase access for elders/people w/ luggage, during bad weather. Make area attractive to folks from beyond immediate walking range, with luggage, This is not a "relaxing park; it;s a trafer point--try to reduce conflict betwn pads and cars; not by blocking cars.