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  1. July 22 2017

    Coming from a bike friendly country, people over here are afraid to bike ! Use dedicated lanes and in a different color to increase safety and the number of people biking (and awareness) will go up by itself

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  2. July 19 2017

    This is too hot to walk. Please add shade along the sidewalk

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  3. July 19 2017

    Add crosswalk

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  4. July 19 2017

    Make this a roundabout so I don't have to wait forever at these lights

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  5. July 19 2017

    Add pedestrian crossing to connect the sidewalk on the south side of Palm Street to the Mango Promenade pedestrian path.

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  6. July 19 2017

    It would be beautiful if the County added corridor entrance sign. Also, name US1 through Palm Beach something more fun and add branding and consistent shade/landscaping/wayfinding signage/free North/South bus. Make it "a thing" tourists travel here to do.

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  7. July 19 2017

    Pedestrianize US1 through Delray

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  8. July 19 2017

    People drive too fast on this to safely cross it and get to the water.

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  9. July 19 2017

    Road too wide, sidewalks too small! Dangerous to walk - try eating at Havana's outdoor counter sometime!

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  10. July 19 2017

    Fast road with no parking means no stores on the first floor of this building. Add street parking here.

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  11. July 19 2017

    Cars go too fast. Can't cross

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  12. July 19 2017

    Add a roundabout. Everyone is turning here but the occasional people headed south on Poinsettia mess up the traffic

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  13. July 19 2017

    Deadly bridge!!! Tons of room for cars on the A1A bridge to the West, please change a lane of this bridge to be used for pedestrians and bikes. Why are only people driving allowed to get safely get from the lighthouse to the Square Grouper and work?

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  14. July 07 2017

    Need safer, pedestrian-prioritizing cross walks all along Quadrille. It is incredibly dangerous to cross on foot or on bike. Bike lanes would also be helpful.

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  15. July 07 2017

    Missing crosswalk at Quadrille and Okeechobee West bound

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  16. July 07 2017

    Useless crosswalks on quadrille. Not aligned with streets and no one stops anyway

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  17. July 07 2017

    Deadly fast traffic. Can't bike along this stretch on the road (people try and hit you), and nearly hit accidently at every intersection

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  18. June 24 2017

    The section north of Hypoluxo Road needs a sidewalk on the west side of the road and dedicated bike lanes on both sides. Maybe this section could remove a travel lane in each direction to create a three lane road with bike lanes?

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  19. June 14 2017

    I'd totally take BRT here, but only if it was a short easy to walk from a nice comfortable bus stop to Guanabanas/Jupiter Inlet District. Great alternative to driving since it's going to the bars... Can you drop off at the A1A intersection to the north instead/as well? "The Loxahatchee Express", and get buy-in/advertising from the restaurants. I rarely drink here because it's too far to Uber, and don't want to drink and drive

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  20. June 14 2017

    Reduced headway times between WPB and LW

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  21. June 14 2017

    More shade at these bus stops

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  22. June 14 2017

    Fast late night bus service back from Brewhouse Gallery to WPB

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  23. June 14 2017

    Crosswalk needed

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  24. June 14 2017

    Bike lane suddenly ends even though there is plenty of room along this turning section

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  25. June 14 2017

    Deadly bike lane near popular brewery. Why do we build these useless dangerous things? The road area is super wide and this is the best we can do?

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