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  1. June 14 2017

    Crosswalk needed at park

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  2. June 14 2017

    Sidewalks too narrow along Okeechobee/Lake-view. No shade.

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  3. June 14 2017

    This bridge is terrifying and dangerous to bike, but it has SO MUCH EXTRA ROOM. Why can't we get buffered bike lanes and a shade structure to rest at the top?

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  4. June 14 2017

    Separated shady multi-use path would allow me to actually to go the shops/restaurants nearby

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  5. June 14 2017

    Add a traffic circle here

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  6. May 18 2017

    I would like to see safe and designated bike lanes along the route.

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  7. May 13 2017

    I am concerned for the small business owners on us1 as they were all put out of business the last time we had construction on Federal Hwy

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