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  1. October 25 2017

    Future home of North Palm Beach Commons Memory Care Facility

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  2. October 24 2017

    When considering sidewalks or shared use path - think about meandering paths with trees.

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  3. October 24 2017

    Sidewalks along US-1 is a bit rough and bumpy. Not comfortable. Nobody likes to walk and bike along US-1.
    Retaining walls block the view of the car and conflict zones for bike and walks.
    The Pedestrian Signal is not user friendly. When showing the WALK signal-have it to be green and not a blinking red only when it is very close.

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  4. October 24 2017

    Bicycle Lanes from Juno Beach to Jupiter is a bit redundant because there are existing parallel facilities.

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  5. October 24 2017

    Do not support eliminating a lane because there are so much traffic/high volume especially during tourism season along US-1.

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  6. October 24 2017

    Sidewalk needs to be created in Tequesta country club from golfview to Tequesta drive. very dangerous to walk her with no sidewalk

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  7. October 24 2017

    if us1 in Tequesta is going to go from 6 lanes to 4 and encourage biking and walking then the sidewalks need to be improved on Tequesta drive from Tequesta county club to us1. horrible condition!

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  8. October 23 2017

    This bridge gets a significant amount of bike traffic and it is very dangerous without any bike lanes. It would be a great improvement if some space was dedicated for bike and pedestrian traffic.

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  9. October 23 2017

    Making the area pedestrian (walker) and runner friendly would be a wonderful improvement. Pedestrian access to waterfront and dining/entertainment is good for everyone!

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  10. October 21 2017

    No bike lanes connecting US-1 and Ocean Dr on Donald Ross

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  11. October 21 2017

    Make this a two-way cycle track here to facilitate the cyclist connection to PGA/Singer Island and remove the need for the left turns onto US-1.

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  12. October 21 2017

    Would really like to see The Bolt extend from West Palm Beach to Jupiter!!

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  13. October 21 2017

    Pedestrian signal needs to be retimed and longer for actual pedestrians. Turning radius at the corners needs to be tighter. But in this intersection, the configuration is really unique especially vehicles and bicyclists heading westbound. It would be great if the intersections can be redesigned so the vehicles and bicyclists do not conflict when heading westbound.

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  14. October 21 2017

    Cyclist fatalities at this intersection a few years ago - turning vehicles on Donald Ross.

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  15. October 21 2017

    Signal timing needs to be sync and friendly to bikers/walking. Longer signal for pedestrian - walk signal. The radius on the SW corner is pretty dangerous - sometimes motor vehicles cannot see when turning onto US-1.

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  16. October 21 2017

    Dangerous for drivers and cyclists getting doored from the on-street parking

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  17. October 21 2017

    Concern with the transition of cyclists both on A1A and US-1. Many cyclists use Ocean Drive and the northbound transition is problematic, but moving southbound from Ocean Dr to US-1 is even more difficult based on the cars and bikes sharing the same lane through the intersection.

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  18. October 19 2017

    When are you going to extend Tri Rail service from Mangonia Park to Jupiter and put in Inexpensive Long term parking in Jupiter to connect North Palm Beach County to the Airports and Seaports in West Palm Beach, FLL and MIA

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  19. October 19 2017

    Have a Bus stop at the corner of Donald Ross Rd and US 1

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  20. October 19 2017

    Have a Bus Stop at the corner of Marsinski and US 1

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  21. September 27 2017

    Consider a 5-3 road diet along the corridor. No need for so many travel lanes, even during peak hours.

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  22. September 27 2017

    Please recreate US 1 with separated facilities for biking from 59th Street to Southern Boulevard

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  23. September 26 2017

    Bike lanes in poor condition north of PGA

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  24. September 26 2017

    Trash collects in bike lanes on Blue Heron bridge.

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  25. September 24 2017

    It would be nice if the trolley went further south into the neighborhoods to bring residents up to downtown. If no on Dixie Highway then perhaps on Olive.

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