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  1. April 19 2018

    The recent 28th ave project has left behind a nasty curve at this spot where the 100ft wide road narrows down to half its width and curves sharply around a tree. Basically, people driving are encouraged to speed on the straight section going north and then thrown into a difficult curve. Most of them use the bike lane to negotiate the curve. Please put a concrete divider between the road and the bike lane.

  2. April 19 2018

    Desperately need SIDEWALKS on NW Amberwood Dr approaching Cornelius Pass: a section starting at NE Cornelius Pass Rd headed West toward Orchard Park has no sidewalk. As an adult, I must weave back and forth to avoid getting hit by traffic, but I've seen young children with bikes enroute to the park dangerously trying to navigate around moving vehicles.

  3. April 19 2018

    This is the most sub-standard bike lane in the city. It is less than 3 feet wide and half of it is gutter which is often littered or flooded. In spots where there is a storm drain grate, the width of the bike lane reduces to a mere 8-10 inches.

  4. April 19 2018

    A traffic light here would be nice. Also nice would be a 30 mph speed limit all along tv highway, Hillsboro through Beaverton. Too many accidents!

  5. April 19 2018

    Traffic speeds are too high and semi trucks are flying by at 50mph on this curvy section of Cornell Rd., inches away from my shoulder in the bike lane. Moreover, the road is banked like a raceway that further encourages speeding.

  6. April 19 2018

    Need stop sign on Cherry and NE 73rd so pedestrians can safely cross Curves on Cherry and speeding traffic make crossing by walking and cars turning onto Cherry dangerous

  7. April 19 2018

    When going northbound on Elam Young pkwy across Cornell Rd, this signal doesn't detect people on bicycle. The good thing is there is no bike lane so I don't get honked at for taking the lane.

  8. April 19 2018

    Going south on Century and turning left onto TV Hwy, too many cars to yield to. Very difficult to make it through.

  9. April 19 2018

    Bike lane disappears mysteriously next to city's largest employer's campus.

  10. April 19 2018

    Going south on 67th and turning left onto TV Hwy, too many cars to yield to. Very difficult to make it through.

  11. April 19 2018

    When going northbound on 28th across Cornell Rd, the signal doesn't detect people on bicycle. I've resorted to taking the car lane on a number of occasions if there is no car in sight. Else I'll be waiting forever.

  12. April 19 2018

    Turning south on Brookwood from wesrboud Cornell needs a blinking yellow. Gas is wasted and the environment is impacted by idling cars waiting for a green when no cars are coming.

  13. April 19 2018

    High use road used for neighbors driving to Starbucks, other businesses, and TV Hwy access. Road is very narrow and in poor condition.

  14. April 19 2018

    First Tech Federal Credit Union is set to open their new headquarters at this location between NE 49th PL and NE Dawson Creek Drive around June/July. Is Hillsboro ready to handle the increased traffic coming up and down NE Brookwood Pkwy? What about rush hour when we are all heading home? Is the light at Dawson Creek/Brookwood gonna be able to handle the flow? What about the non light intersection at 49th and Brookwood? It has visibility challenges and the speed of Brookwood poses a challenge. This is going to be a fun end of summer beginning of fall site to behold.

  15. April 19 2018

    Too much congestion during high use times. Yielding to other cars is difficult. Too many cars backed up to 185th causes congestion at this intersection as well.

  16. April 19 2018

    really need frequent bus service to/from MAX and Tanasbourne

  17. April 19 2018

    TV Highway is already congested. I am concerned what actions are going to be taken with the additional traffic that will be generated by the development of southern Hillsboro.

  18. April 19 2018

    Witchhazel desperately needs sidewalks. Foot traffic from the high school and pedestrians in general are at risk when walking in this area. Very dangerous after dark as well.

  19. April 19 2018

    This area needs sidewalks. I frequently see motorized wheel chairs traveling on the road side where they are quite vulnerable, and it is a very busy street.

  20. April 19 2018

    Too much congestion during high use times. Vehicles leaving Tanasbourne Town Center, going west on Evergreen Pkwy, get backed up at 185th - not enough space for the vehicles.

  21. April 19 2018

    Traffic in this area has increased. It is getting harder and harder to turn East off of 24th onto River Rd. May be time for a light at this intersection.

  22. April 19 2018

    The speed should be reduced in this area. The posted speed is 40 mph and many cars go well over that. My concern is two fold. I live on 30th court and feel like we are taking a risk every time we pull out onto River Rd. The visibility is poor I both directions with a bush blocking the view to the West and the curve to the East. With more houses being built out East off river rd the traffic has increased. It is very frightening trying to pull out off 30th Court. With Hilhi being right up the road there is both pedestrian traffic and inexperienced drivers in this area. Please please consider reducing the speed n this area before someone gets seriously hurt. Thank you.

  23. April 19 2018

    Bus route needed on John Olsen.

  24. April 19 2018

    Bus stop needed on Corn Pass north of 26

  25. April 17 2018

    People traveling southbound by bicycle on Brookwood are shunted onto the sidewalk (after a dangerous slip lane), then expected to cross an intersection with Witch Hazel that isn't marked.