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  1. April 17 2018

    Brookwood Pkwy (southbound): Bike lane gets worn down from drivers encroaching into lane to turn right on TV Hwy.

  2. April 17 2018

    The Brookwood trail keeps dipping down to meet the road level at intersection for side access roads.
    Very risky for cyclists as cars can't see them.

  3. April 17 2018

    Imbrie is not bike friendly.

  4. April 17 2018

    This area needs signage to point people to MAX. I got lost here once.

  5. April 17 2018

    Westbound lane on Cornell ends after 25th, leaving a serious gap and missing link into Downtown.

  6. April 17 2018

    This kind of signal puts cyclists at the lowest priority.

  7. April 17 2018

    This roundabout on Butler has a side raised path for bikes, but the bikes cross the intersection while
    being parallel to cars. Bikes should be at a 90 ° angle to cars when interacting.

  8. April 17 2018

    Shoulder disappears dangerously at curve.There is no facility.

  9. April 17 2018

    Path ends, cyclists become pedestrians, defeating the purpose of going by bike.

  10. April 17 2018

    Shute needs bike lanes, slower traffic(?) It's not bike friendly for most.

  11. April 17 2018

    Bike lane on Cypress ends where it's needed most—at the intersection with TV Highway.

  12. April 17 2018

    Need sharrows the length of Johnson