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  1. July 23 2018

    The new signal here often turns red as I approach it, even when nobody else is in the vicinity. It seems to be timed, so then I get stuck waiting for a minute or two even though nobody else is around. Whoever programs the signals in this city is one heck of a misanthrope.

  2. July 19 2018

    The Speed Limit on this portion of Cherry Drive might be too high, considering the increased residential traffic from apartments and the new hotel at Cornelius Pass, the type of traffic (commuters), and the fact that Cherry Drive is an alternate route to Cornell for people in a hurry.

  3. July 18 2018

    The TSP should not use the term "bicycle and pedestrian network" nor "bicycles and vehicles."

    First, bicyclists and pedestrians do not use the same facilities, so the bicycle network and the pedestrian network are separate entities, and should not be named as though they are the same network.

    Second, bicycles are vehicles, so "bicycles and vehicles" is ungrammatical. You should say "bicycles and other vehicles" if you really feel the need to make specific mention of bicycles. Of course, you could simply say "vehicles," since that includes bicycles.

  4. July 18 2018

    Right hook collisions are a serious problem on bike laned roads. (See the comment at Cornell and Century) The best solution is to eliminate bike lanes. Second best is to end bike lanes approaching intersections and driveways.

    A solution that I think you might actually seriously consider is to create a bike-lane-ending standard based on right-turning traffic volume. Wherever there is a high number of motorist right turns, end the bike lane several car lengths before the intersection. Then bikes and cars merge into a single line and motorists don't turn across bicyclists' path.

    This is much safer than bicyclists staking their lives on compliance with the law requiring right-turning motorists to yield to bicyclists in bike lanes.

  5. July 18 2018

    Get rid of the raised bike lanes on the newly extended Blanton. They zig-zag sharply and dangerously at intersections. The curb extensions imply future parallel car parking, which will hide bicyclists, increasing the already high risk of right hook collisions.

  6. July 18 2018

    TSP should have a policy of always having a "bike lane ends" sign wherever a bike lane ends. I have never seen any other lane end without a warning sign.

  7. July 17 2018

    Most pedestrians enter the park here, rather than using the crosswalk about 150ft south. Why was it not put here instead?

  8. July 15 2018

    This should be a STOP in ALL directions, as I am a 75 year old resident South, near Rosedale Rd. and lots of traffic uses this road, once named for my Grandfather, Churchley! Will it take someone getting killed before you put up a stop coming FROM the East bound on Blanton, from Corn. Pass?? Thank you, Susanna Keith, and both of my grandparents and parents lived on this road, and youhave messed up MY ROOTS!

  9. July 10 2018

    With all the new construction around Cornelius Pass and Quatama St, I would think it’s time for a bus route north & South on Cornelius Pass.

  10. July 10 2018

    Left turns onto Elam Young from westbound Cornell are always inefficient. The signal is not smart. When there is no traffic coming east on Cornell, it remains red, missing the perfect opportunity to turn. When the left turn finally becomes a flashing yellow, the traffic ramps up and it's unsafe to turn. I hope this is an easy signal fix to save time and money, and improve safety.

  11. July 10 2018

    A crosswalk here or nearby would help with safety. Right now it's a dash to beat traffic in both directions.

  12. July 10 2018

    This turn into KLA can be difficult with fast-moving cars ahead and behind - the way the left-turn lane forms is challenging

  13. July 10 2018

    The quality of the pavement drops significantly between Elam Young West and Elam Young East. Why?

  14. July 09 2018

    Put crosswalks where stop lines are.

  15. July 07 2018

    Currently 25 mph. Despite residential and proximity to downtown business, 1st Ave is still the W-E dividing line and is a major road. Increase speed to 30 or 35 mph.

  16. July 07 2018

    Parallel parking frequent; make Darnielle parallel parking-friendly (ie mark spaces, widen if at all possible)

  17. July 06 2018

    Excessively speeding traffic on SE Frances. The speed limit is 25mph all the way from Cornelius Pass to Imlay Ave. I live on Frances, and routinely witness vehicles going anywhere from 40-60mph along this street, and not uncommonly an estimated 70-80mph!

    Once in a great while, a police cruiser or motorcycle will hang out for a short while writing tickets, but this is very seldom. As a property owner along this street, I'm concerned about safety for us residents and for the many middle- and high-school students that walk along this street morning and afternoon. It seems like a tragedy waiting to happen.

    If you want to add some 'found money' to the city coffers, and make this a safer neighborhood, please write some speeding tickets here!

  18. July 06 2018

    NE Century southbound crossing NE Cornell by bike. The PREVIOUS bike-lane arrangement was working great. Bikes lined up adjacent right of straight-through vehicle lane, and to the LEFT the lane for right-turning vehicles. And the lane continued once across the intersection.

    NOW, bikes are relegated to a lane between the right-most traffic lane in which there are MANY right-turning vehicles. So cyclists crossing straight across the intersection NOW need to maneuver across a right-turning vehicle flow. DANGEROUS CONFLICT! And now, on the opposite side of the intersection southbound, bikes are relegated to a bike 'sidewalk', between the pedestrian sidewalk and the vehicle lane, thus reinforcing the myth in the minds of many drivers that bikes belong only on sidewalks.

    Strangely enough, kitty-corner to this, cyclists crossing this intersection northbound have a proper, dedicated bike lane to the LEFT of a dedicated right-turn-only vehicle lane. If this arrangement had just been copied on the opposite corner, things would be fine.

  19. July 06 2018

    The loss of the previous dedicated right-turn lane from Brookwood / Shute northbound to Cornell eastbound. This forces all vehicles turning right (of which there are MANY!) to wait behind vehicles going straight (of which there are now 3 lanes). This intersection went through a COMPLETE rebuild just a couple of years ago, so that would have been the perfect time to do this correctly. The loss of the previous right-hand turn only lane now backs everything up. What had been good traffic flow here is now a mess.
    Unbelievably poor planning, and now we're stuck with it!

  20. July 06 2018

    There are SO many lights southbound on 10th that traffic backs up past lincoln from all the lights running into each other. Lincoln is also a neightborhood street and people drive way too fast. Perhaps a "no left turn" would alleviate both the unsafe driving on lincoln and all the accidents at this intersection.

  21. July 06 2018

    This section of road needs to be wider and also have sidewalks and bike lanes.

  22. July 05 2018

    Instead of placing a road through Noble Woods park, instead place a pedestrian and bicycle bridge. This would allow traffic to pass through, but not automobile traffic that would congest the smaller streets to the south of Noble woods. Live green!

  23. July 05 2018

    This intersection is used heavily both by cars and children walking to school. Please consider placing a crosswalk at this location for improved safety for crossing Century. We have observed many close calls where cars do not see children crossing.

  24. July 04 2018

    It’s difficult to take a left onto Shaleen when heading North on Cornelius Pass.
    It’s even MORE DIFFICULT to turn off if Shaleen onto Cornelius Pass rather going North or South.
    A light needs to be at this intersection. Once the liquor store opened CONGESTION tripled if not quadrupled and it makes those who live in the neighborhood hard to go anywhere!

  25. July 04 2018

    Can anything be done to either reduce the traffic noise on Baseline, or to reduce the likelihood that drivers try to use it as an impromptu drag strip? The nose level from certain types of vehicles is very annoying and I'm concerned about the effect it will have on neighboring property values and the general livability in the area.