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  1. July 04 2018

    Move the fence for the max crossing to make more room for bike traffic. Very dangerous for bikers.

  2. July 04 2018

    60th needs to be connected. This should have been done years ago when it first came up.

  3. July 04 2018

    Traffic signals at Imbrie and Evergreen need to be synchronized to favor traffic on Cornelius Pass. So many times, I've been in a group of dozens of cars travelling north or south on CP and we're all idling at a stop light waiting for 5 cars to cross from Imbrie or Evergreen.

  4. July 02 2018

    Lighting on this corner needs to be better. Very dark corner in winter and very busy with traffic between Fred Meyer and High School.

  5. July 02 2018

    Right turn lane onto Evergreen from Glencoe.

  6. July 01 2018

    This area gets too crowded on Saturdays and weekday evenings with people trying to turn left off of Cornell to go to Costco. You need to adjust the lights, or create another access point.

  7. July 01 2018

    We need a really designated bike lane that runs from the Courthouse that can connect to the Fairgrounds area.

  8. July 01 2018

    This road needs sidewalks and bike lane to connect up with 25th St. interchange to get out to the highway.

  9. July 01 2018

    this backs up in the morning and evening when school buses and people coming from Cornell/Grant to 3rd try to turn left onto 1st Avenue toward downtown. Hopefully you could install the type of light that works when it senses cars waiting on Grant.

  10. July 01 2018


  11. July 01 2018

    The light here takes so long to change. Once it does change, it's very short and the oncoming traffic, which mostly turns right, takes up almost all of the time before any left-hand turns get to go.

  12. July 01 2018

    You must consider a light at this intersection and soon. Why wait until there is a fatality? (NE Grant at 1st Ave.

  13. July 01 2018

    There is a need for a 4-way STOP sign at corner of Davis and the newly enlarged Century Blvd. This is a major bike route for folks coming from/to the schools there. When bicycling EAST on Davis and beginning to turn LEFT, there is NO Stop sign for traiffic on Century Blvd. The new street on Century SOUTH is a SAFETY risk

  14. June 30 2018

    This is a busy road leading to an elementary school with no sidewalks.

  15. June 29 2018

    This trail has deteriorated and is unsuitable for the growing use by pedestrians and cyclists who connect here.

  16. June 29 2018

    Another rollover accident here because there is only a stop sign at 5th. The folks on 5th don't know that the Lincoln folks don't stop. Either make Lincoln folks stop or at least notify those at the 5th stop that cross traffic doesn't stop. I'm sick of seeing ambulances take people away here!

  17. June 29 2018

    Need a crosswalk at the park entrance

  18. June 28 2018

    It would be great if somewhere in Hillsboro near light rail there was a long term pay parking lot so we could take MAX to PDX. Revenue for city, help for us west-side folks.

  19. June 21 2018

    There needs to be a pedestrian and bike crossing through/under the airport. As it is, those west of the airport are cut off from the Main Library and all of the walking and bike paths and green space along Brookwood. With many kids and families in that neighborhood, this means less upward mobility due to decreased exercise, no fresh air (yes they can go outside but it is too dense with too much traffic - not to mention the pollution from the airport - to actually call the air fresh), and lack of access to educational materials and public services and connections to others through events and groups.
    And note that Shute Library is not a valid alternative since it's farther (as the crow flies), there are very few services at that locations comparatively, and the walking path itself is along an extremely busy and polluted road (Cornell & then 10th).

  20. June 21 2018

    Dangerous and busy intersection for vehicles, and practically verboten for pedestrians
    - especially in the afternoon and evening when Intel employees leave and others are using the road to get to/from Hwy 26.

  21. June 21 2018

    There are many children who live here who currently cannot walk safely to school or otherwise around the neighborhood, nor can they safely ride their bicycles near 21st. There is also quite a bit of foot traffic due to shopping/retail, people commuting to/from work, and peak foot traffic during events at the fairgrounds and airport throughout the year.
    The main issues are lack of sidewalks from Cornell to Sunrise (most parts do but the gaps prevent there from being safe paths) and too much street parking that creates blindspots (cars turn without being able to see far enough or at all, and pedestrians must cross unsafely since the only painted crosswalk is surrounded by cars).
    Copying the entire configuration of SE 21st between Maple and Cypress would be an improvement; adding to that the sidewalk-parking config like Grant between Birchwood and 6th would help to reduce blindspots created by parked vehicles.

  22. June 21 2018

    the shoulder on john olsen/205th just south of wilkins is a dangerous place for cyclists and pedestrians. the bike lane suddenly ends with no warning signage and there is no sidewalk.

  23. June 19 2018

    Need left turn lanes for Kaiser Parking Lot and Garage on NW (NE?) 194th south of Evergreen.

  24. June 19 2018

    To relieve traffic through Hillsboro, create a bypass route for traffic on HWY 26 heading to west Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove. Possible routes could be off Jackson School Rd and Glencoe Rd. through country roads TV Hwy at Fred Meyer.

  25. June 19 2018

    Relieve traffic through Hillsboro by creating bypass route to West Hillsboro/Cornelius/Forest Grove at the Jackson School Road Exit and put a sign here to direct motorists to it.