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  1. April 06 2015

    Shared Use Path

    The ending of this path here is dangerous. No clear understanding of where cyclists should go and was way too easy to go the wrong way on Schmeer going the wrong way

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  2. April 06 2015

    Shared Use Path

    bike path encourages use of sidewalk here. leads to conflict with pedestrians. Especially at bus stop.

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  3. April 06 2015

    Shared Use Path

    Dangerous crossing point. Drivers do not stop for cyclists crossing at crosswalk

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  4. April 06 2015

    Crossing Needs

    Acute-angle MUP crossing of right-turn slip lane is uncomfortable & nerve-wracking. Replacing slip lane with standard right turn onto 22nd would greatly benefit 22nd Ave commercial strip.

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  5. April 06 2015

    Substandard Bicycle Facility

    Bike improvements that are separated from traffic and safe for all bike users are needed along the entire length of Hwy 43 in West Linn. Traffic volumes and speeds are too high for typical bike lanes while existing conditions are substandard and gaps in the bike lanes make it impossible to use this corridor except for the most advanced rider.

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  6. April 03 2015

    Bicycle Facility Meets Standard

    Forest Lane is not an ODOT facility.

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  7. April 03 2015

    Bicycle Facility Meets Standard

    Needs connection across the Willamette to Lake Oswego.

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  8. April 01 2015

    Bicycle Facility Gap

    This bridge is basically unride-able. Sharrows here are a joke.

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  9. March 31 2015

    Bicycle Facility Gap

    Lombard definitely feels unsafe to both bike on and often to cross. I know that there is a huge push for Friends of Lombard work between MLK and Chataqua, but seriously Lombard needs help continuing into St. Johns.

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