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  1. May 11 2018

    SE 25th needs sidewalks between Maple and East Main. And has needed them for 40 years.

  2. May 11 2018

    Century "Blvd" needs to be completed between Baseline and SE Borwick. However, it needs to curve to the east, in order to minimize impacts to Noble Woods Park.

  3. May 11 2018

    The stretch of SE 5th between Baseline on the south and the alley halfway to Washington seriously needs repaving.

  4. May 11 2018

    NE 3rd between Grant and Donelson seriously needs repaving. It did not happen when the rest of 3rd north of Donelson was repaved. Some of the curbs need replacement also. Speed bumps would be useful as well; many drivers seem to think this narrow residential street is a freeway.

  5. May 11 2018

    First & Grant has needed a stoplight for years.

  6. May 10 2018

    It's not uncommon to run into people walking their dogs off leash on the paths in this area. There's poop left on the trails because they don't see their dogs go, and they do not control their dogs and just allow them to run up to strangers and jump on them. Can anything be done to encourage people to keep their dogs on leash?

  7. May 10 2018

    When coming at this intersection from the north on 3rd avenue, it's almost impossible to see traffic coming from the west down Oak. There is a hedge in the way that basically blocks all visibility.

  8. May 10 2018

    Can't Old Pass Rd be closed off from Corn. Pass? Too many cars cut through our neighborhood, many with Washington plates, and there are too many accidents as people are waiting to turn there. There are so many cut through cars it is dangerous to walk around the block now.

  9. May 10 2018

    A round a bout would be a good idea at this intersection, West union and Helvetia Rds.
    What is the plan for West Union for when the UPS depot starts operating? That will increase the traffic a lot. Are they going to pay for the road maintenance, bike lanes and sidewalks say, from Corn. Pass to Helvetia? Will those trucks be permitted to use their jake brakes?

  10. May 10 2018

    Imbrie's not bicycle friendly. Can car traffic heading to 26 be diverted? People going to work or shop here are in conflict with those heading to/from the 26. Diversion of thru-traffic seems infinitely wiser than widening. Also, more buses are a much needed climate action. Ideally, we'd replace driving alone to work with transit & more bike routes rather than road widening. Also, widening takes up lots of land, but we need more housing.

  11. May 10 2018

    I added a line for the length of Imbrie but the Bike icon did not appear; one of the two red lines is related to driving, so I'm adding a bike here to ensure the 2nd one for bicycles is noted.
    Also, at entrances to shops, a less stressful way to turn left into the parking lot from Imbrie on bicycle would be appreciated. Thanks!

  12. May 10 2018

    This map does not seem to show that there's an entire mile of separated bike lane on the north side of Cornelius Pass. Seems like that should be on the map and part of the TSP update. But what I wanted to say in this spot is that an easier way to cross Cornelius Pass to get to Imbrie from the bike path, on bike, would be appreciated. McMenamin's is always a favorite destination spot after a bike ride around the county. (Although, they still have no bike parking, unless it's been added since I was there last.)

  13. May 10 2018

    Because of the backup on Cornelius Pass Rd and West Union, too many cars and trucks are speeding through our neighborhood. There are no pedestrian walking signs, or children playing signs, no jake break prohibited signs, not even a slow sign. Why can't Old Pass Rd be closed off from Cornelius Pass Rd?

  14. May 10 2018

    Imbrie's VERY bicycle unfriendly. People biking to shop or work at Fred's or the stadium, & those coming off the Cornelius Pass bike route, are in for a negative experience. Can car traffic heading to 26 be diverted elsewhere? This is really a driveway to a shopping center, & people using this as a shortcut to the 26 travel too fast & aggressive compared to people going to work at or patronize the businesses here. Widening this road seems like an invitation to increase the conflicts in use. Diversion of thru-traffic seems infinitely wiser.

  15. May 10 2018

    This street (Butler between Cornell & Corn Pass) is increasingly difficult to cross on foot. Making left turns on a bicycle is very uncomfortable. It would be so much easier if people driving had stops at several points along here so walkers/bikers could relax & use those places to get across more easily.

  16. May 10 2018

    I have to echo the noise complaints in this area. Fart canners and motorcyclists overcompensating for something seem intent on ensuring everyone within two miles is aware of their presence.

    I do *not* however agree with the speeding comments; most people seem to drive within 5 mph of the limit on both 206th and Wilkins. These are thoroughfares with appropriate speed limits.

  17. May 10 2018

    Street parking for the doctor's office should be limited to one side of the road. During business hours, cars line both sides of the road, causing a narrow corridor on a fairly busy stretch of curved road, resulting in many near fender benders.

  18. May 10 2018

    This is a VERY busy on ramp and will only get more busy with all the construction taking place in North Plains. Cars approach from the north and the south at fairly high speeds. If you look at the painted lines on the road there are two lanes on the on ramp, drivers do not treat it as such. Cars coming from the south routinely do not slow down enough and veer into the lane on the on ramp that is for cars coming from the north. I feel it is only a matter of time before there is a major accident here. It would be nice to have something similar to what is at the east bound on ramp at 26 and Glencoe; not the light but the physical separation of the lanes.

  19. May 10 2018

    I live nearby, but have stopped walking across this busy intersection. It is dangerous, and I've almost been hit twice by cars turning from NE Orenco onto Cornell. Please lower the speed limit in this area, extend (again) the pedestrian walk time, and remove the flashing yellow arrows. OR make this intersection an all-walk square, with cars and pedestrians taking turns. Something must be done. Finally, I truly appreciate the diversity Intel employees bring to the neighborhood, but some of those smart and kind people need to learn US driving etiquette. Pedestrians have the right of way.

  20. May 10 2018

    Consider providing a bus shelter at this stop.

  21. May 10 2018

    Consider changing this intersection to an all-direction pedestrian scramble crossing based on the amount of foot traffic.

  22. May 10 2018

    Consider changing this intersection to an all-direction pedestrian scramble crossing based on the amount of foot traffic.

  23. May 10 2018

    With the landscaped buffer and a hard curb, the cycle track on 30th Ave represents an important step in the evolution of Hillsboro's bike facilities. The only element of this design that will need to be improved in future applications is the way the cycle track converges with the ADA-compliant curb ramp. Ideally, the cycle track would slope down towards the roadway independent of the pedestrian curb cut (e.g. the cycle track on Ronler Dr).

  24. May 10 2018

    5th Ave should be converted to a two-way street between Lincoln St and Walnut St so it can act as a proper north-south connection for people traveling by bike between the southern end of downtown Hillsboro and the multi-use path planned for Jackson School Rd.

  25. May 10 2018

    5th Ave should be a two-way street south of Lincoln St so it can act as a proper north-south connection for people traveling by bike between the southern end of downtown Hillsboro and the multi-use path planned for Jackson School Rd.