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  1. May 12 2018

    When this section of Brookwood was created, the city missed a golden opportunity to do it right: two lanes each way! The easiest way to fix it would be to remove the center divider, put the bikes on the sidewalks, and you'll easily have room for two lanes of traffic each way!

  2. May 12 2018

    The "improvements" made to Brookwood between TV Hwy & Baseline benefit bikes and pedestrians. Who uses the road the most? Cars. Move the bikes to the sidewalk and restripe for two lanes of traffic each way. You don't need a dedicated left turn lane since there isn't room to widen. When a lane is temporarily blocked by someone turning, there would be the second lane around them. Most the time you'd have two lanes each way. Much better than what there is now.

  3. May 12 2018

    Other comments mention traffic lights - please NO! Put in roundabouts instead.

  4. May 12 2018

    Hillsboro has allowed many new houses to be built west of here over the years, but Evergreen between 15th and Glencoe has never been widened. It's a mess around 5pm.

  5. May 12 2018

    The traffic lights along 10th are timed so that you get stuck at every one of them. The one you're sitting at turns green, the next turns red. It's "stoplight leapfrog" every time I drive through here (which is as little as possible due to this).

  6. May 12 2018

    25th & Cornell desperately needs improving. Intel JF has more than doubled in size in the 20 years I've lived near it, and nothing has been done to improve the roads around it. It's so bad now that traffic backs up from Intel at lunch time, not just after 4pm!

  7. May 12 2018

    This is what we should have done back in 2015. It's long overdue.

  8. May 12 2018

    Traffic light at 1st and Grant.

  9. May 12 2018

    Widen, left-turn/center-turn needed, ESPECIALLY at 1st and Grant.

  10. May 12 2018

    Get rid of one-way, or make Lincoln one-way west and Main one-way east. It's awkward for first-time visitors to have East Main going one way west. Also, the left-turn lane from 1st to NE Lincoln is a pain.

  11. May 12 2018

    Make Grant St. between Delsey Rd. and Cornell Rd. 30 or 35 mph. A lot of people go this speed, even though it's 25, and this area can/should be 30-35.

  12. May 12 2018

    Get rid of the one-way grid in downtown. Except for Baseline and Oak, which are part of OR-8, the rest of the streets and avenues have made it dangerous to walk. It's difficult having to cross the street just to face opposite traffic, and kids in this area do not have to look both ways before crossing. The one-way grid is outdated, and with the projected growth, two-way conversion is necessary to ensure that everyone can commute and explore downtown safely. Further, small businesses need promotion and growth, and the one-way grid prevents some businesses from being seen altogether, as people do not want to switch lanes for the purpose of looking for a business.

  13. May 12 2018

    Speed limit on Cornell between Brookwood and Cornelius Pass Rd is 5-10 mph too fast ~ more cross walks needed in this area with "walk" signals for pedestrians. The area appears to be pedestrian-friendly but needs to be much better.

  14. May 12 2018

    The Speed on Cornelius Pass needs to be lowered to at least 45mph! There are wrecks constantly on this road! You have large trucks moving too fast where people are stopping to turn into their driveways or the school bus is stopped to let children off and people are not expecting it. Also there is no shoulder and bike riders should NOT be on this road it is unsafe for everyone.

  15. May 12 2018

    Would really like the city to look into putting a signal at this location. Not only can it be difficult and dangerous to turn left out of Pheasant Lane, but it may help to slow cars down this stretch of 185th. Not uncommon for cars to approach 60 mph in this area.

  16. May 12 2018

    WL Henry kids need sidewalks!

  17. May 12 2018

    WL Henry kids need sidewalks!

  18. May 11 2018

    There needs to be a way to keep cars from using the bike lane and crosswalk as a waiting zone to force their way into the westbound Cornell traffic lanes. Bikes have to stop or weave their way around cars blocking the lane.

  19. May 11 2018

    Cars constantly cut through the bike lane to straighten out the little curve in Cornell at the east end of the Comfort Inn property. I have been cut off here a number of times while riding my bike. I have to ride part way in the car lane to keep from getting squeezed by car traffic.

  20. May 11 2018

    There needs to be some sort of safe pedestrian crossing on Cornell somewhere between Arrington and 25th. This is a long ways to have no safe crossing. I am constantly seeing people risking their lives trying to cross Cornell

  21. May 11 2018

    Very dangerous where the bike lane on NE Cornell Road ends

  22. May 11 2018

    Speed reduction needed on Cornelius Pass Road in residential area. Drivers ignore 45mph limit and speed over 60 within a few feet of homes backing up to this road. It is both loud (at all hours) and dangerous.

  23. May 11 2018

    This busy intersection is dangerous, and the pedestrian islands aren't safe. Blind pedestrians crossing Century and Cornell at this intersection should have audible crossing signals.

  24. May 11 2018

    What is the speed limit on outer Jackson School Road? Nothing is posted. Some drivers seem to think it's 70.

  25. May 11 2018

    Jackson School Road doesn't need widening so much as to have sidewalks its entire length. It certainly doesn't need a two-way turn lane its entire length, just at certain key intersections (Arrington, Sunrise, Harewood, Estate). I agree with the comment about destroying more big trees - there are workarounds.