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  1. June 19 2018

    The city responded to request for pedestrian crossing across NE Cornell at NE 21 saying it would create more hazards. So why not put a pedestrian-activated crossing at NE Hillaire? Or possibly west of there by the Rehab Center/Veterinary Clinic? This would serve Poynter Middle School kids, Intel Lunch Workers, connect families on north side of Cornell with Shadywood Park, which closer than Griffin Oaks Park but out of range due to Cornell being an essentially impassable highway between NE 25th and NE Arrington.

  2. June 19 2018

    NE 21st St Pedestrian Safety (3 suggestions):

    Full sidewalks on both sides of streets on NE 21st between NE Cornell and NE Sunrise.

    Better pedestrian crossing signs/street stripes on NE 21st at Cornell and NE 21st at NE Sunrise.

    Pedestrian crossing w/wheelchair ramp on NE 21st between long continuous section of sidewalk on west side between NE Barberry and NE Darby at NE Montgomery St.

  3. June 18 2018

    Heading northbound on 209th, there is a sign ahead of the railroad tracks saying to stop at the white line there. HOWEVER...if you do that, then the light will never turn green because it doesn't notice you're there. This is most notable at night when other drivers aren't around to trigger the light.

    You *have* to cross the tracks and wait between the tracks and TV Highway or else you'll sit there until somebody else does it.

  4. June 17 2018

    Folks are commenting about the lack of sidewalks to Jackson Bottom Wetlands and around town. Have they not noticed sidewalks are nonexistent too?

  5. June 12 2018

    Many kids cross the road here to get to Century High School in the morning or afternoon. It is technically a legal crosswalk but drivers do not know/care and drive by while watching the kids try to cross. Drivers also drive down the center lane when traffic builds up, almost hitting kids waiting in the center to cross all the way.

  6. June 12 2018

    The bus stop here takes a while to come, for example if missed you would have to wait up to 30 minutes for the next one

  7. June 12 2018

    The intersection lights are poorly timed. When turning onto Brookwood Pkwy, the left turn light only lets about three cars through at a time. This can be frustrating during high traffic times.

  8. June 12 2018

    It is very difficult to walk along this road to Hillsboro high school because there is heavy traffic and no sidewalks.

  9. June 12 2018

    Need bus stop improvements here

  10. June 06 2018

    There needs to be a stoplight at 21st and Cornell. It is a very busy street where many people need to make a left hand turn. Also, there is no crosswalk and people frequently cross the street illegally which is really unsafe.

  11. June 06 2018

    A right turn lane for west bound traffic is needed here and not sure why it wasn't added as part of the original plans. So many people turn right here so they drive in the bike lane to turn which is dangerous.

  12. June 06 2018

    No sidewalk; no speed limit signs; if you're a pedestrian, it can be a little dangerous

  13. June 06 2018

    Wasn't 174th supposed to get an underpass here to connect with Cornell/173rd? Seems like that would help with some of the 185th traffic.

  14. June 05 2018

    Who approved a subdivision with only one way in or out? That only exacerbates traffic issues. Your city planners know this, right?

  15. June 05 2018

    With the parking lots surrounding the intersection, this is a perfect location for constructing a grade-separated interchange with TV Highway.

  16. June 05 2018

    I see you've started putting up a traffic signal here. Could you not? With all the red lights I always get thanks to the city's atrociously timed lights, it already takes 2-3 times as long to get anywhere as it should.

  17. June 05 2018

    Awhile back I read there were plans to expand the 185th ramp system to include John Olsen/206th - kind of how the Murray/Cornell exits are laid out. I think this would be a good idea.

  18. June 05 2018

    I don't know why on Earth anyone would want a speed reduction here. It's one of the only major north/south thoroughfares in the city. If you bought a house fronting it, that's kind of your own fault. Maybe ticket the stragglers here who do 35-40 in the left lane instead.

  19. June 05 2018

    The traffic light to turn left onto Evergreen from southbound Cornelius Pass takes FOREVER to turn green. I've literally sat here for up to five minutes even though NOBODY is coming from *any* other direction, and this kind of thing happens every time I drive through here.

  20. June 05 2018

    As most people have already mentioned - this intersection is incredibly dangerous! at 9:30 AM on a Wednesday last winter my friend and I were almost hit crossing from the south side of Orenco Station Parkway heading to the Starbucks. A car heading south and turning left onto Cornell didn't slow down and if we hadn't jumped, he had no sign of slowing down.

  21. June 03 2018

    The newer concrete on the Orenco Station MAX platform is so pitted it could cause an accident. To make Orenco Station/Platform District a real destination, please make it inviting from the minute people step off of MAX. Thank you.

  22. June 03 2018

    The traffic light does not seem to detect bicyclists, which requires them to cross on a red light, wait for a vehicle going the same direction, or getting off their bike to press the pedestrian crossing button.

  23. June 03 2018

    A wider shoulder or bike lane here would make biking much safer for both bicyclists and drivers.

  24. May 29 2018

    The traffic signal should have a flashing yellow going south on Cypress St into the sunset esplanade.

  25. May 27 2018

    Overflow parking for dog park is across the street, but there is no crosswalk.