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  1. May 10 2018

    The eastbound cycle track on Veterans Dr puts bicyclists who are continuing onto Grant St in a position where they end up crossing through a pavement marking that indicates the lane drivers should end up in when turning right onto 28th Ave. This could lead to confusion as drivers turning right may not expect a bicyclist to continue straight through the marking.

  2. May 10 2018

    The signal on 11th Ave should have a protected-only left turn phasing to avoid conflicts between people crossing TV Highway within the crosswalk and drivers turning left onto TV Highway.

  3. May 10 2018

    Very concerned about traffic congestion on CPR and also TV HWY when all of the residents move into South Hillsboro. These roads cannot possibly support 20,000 new people when they are already congested.

  4. May 10 2018

    The light at Lois and CPR needs to be adjusted. When turning left from Lois onto CPR the wait time can be extremely long with no cars traveling either direction on CPR.

  5. May 10 2018

    The light at Lois and CPR needs to be adjusted. When turning left from Lois onto CPR the wait time can be extremely long with no cars traveling either direction on CPR.

  6. May 10 2018

    It would be great to have a crosswalk here. Pedestrians walk across Arrington to get to the park, and the curve in Jackson School makes it difficult to see on-coming cars.

  7. May 09 2018

    NE 65th Ave intersection with NE Rosebay Drive: This should be a four way stop. Confusion mixed with impatience makes this point a hazard. Add in commuter traffic to/from Intel, and children in the adjacent basketball court....this spot needs help.

  8. May 09 2018

    We need to implement items that will force drivers to slow down on this road. People use it as a way to get around the school on Cornelius Pass and they fly down it at 40mph. This is a neighborhood with a lot of activity and someone is going to get hurt with irresponsible drivers that race through it.

    I know it's a through street for EMS, but can't we put in speed humps or something? I don't want traffic cameras or increased police as I think that's a waste of time and money, but something more physical to force people to slow down would be great.

  9. May 09 2018

    Add a left turn lane into the DEQ here. When it gets busy there's a backup onto Five Oaks and nobody can get by.

  10. May 09 2018

    The Cornelius pass/Germantown Rd. /old Cornelius pass intersection is becoming very deadly with the increase in traffic. This intersection is skewed and the pavement markings for turn lanes north bound and south bound place vehicles within a few feet of each other blocking visability. Lanes are very tight and I have had several close calls with head on collisions just waiting to turn westbound onto old cornelius pass road. Very scary. If possible I avoid this intersection and back track to Helvetia road and come home the back roads. Traffic has increased by the hundreds with the new big businesses in Hillsboro, Also, the NW Old Pass Rd./intersecting with NW Cornelius pass road is a very deadly intersection with all this new traffic during peak traffic volumes. People are risking their lives darting out in between cars traveling 50+ miles per hour trying to turn left heading north bound. I am just waiting for someone to T-bone me in between cars trying to get onto the road. One last request, Work with the different counties and come up with a transportation plan to fund the much needed road and safety improvements on Cornelius pass road from Skyline to Hwy 30. This is a major freeway for large vehicles like double tanker gas vehicles to double trailer rock trucks on a poorly maintain country road. Lacking safety guardrail throughout the entire section and small lane widths. Hopefully sooner than later the state/counties need to buy R/W and make Cornelius pass a much safer road. I hope my two cents will save lives in the future. Thank You Washington County for public input.

    Thank You
    Mike Youngs

  11. May 09 2018

    The road by West Union Elementary needs to be widened to create cuing area for drop off and pick up times. I have children who go here and cars literally stop on the road while waiting to turn into the school. There is also a blind vertical curve meaning passing, even at 25 mph, is very dangerous. Many other parents feel this way. Please contact me for more information or even to have a meeting with the school and some parents. Thanks.

  12. May 09 2018

    The new turn signal is horrible! I turn here almost everyday. It is blinking yellow and then right before you get there to turn it turns red. The traffic driving south and going straight get a red lighter and then you get a green arrow to turn left on to 26. Instead of making everyone stop and interrupting the flow of traffic can the blinking yellow continue for longer? It usually one of two cars that are gong south and have to stop.

  13. May 09 2018

    The southbound light here needs to be better timed with the Cornell/Brookwood southbound light to not cause a backup from Veterans to Cornell.

  14. May 09 2018

    This intersection must have a second southbound lane put in. The backup during rush hour is horrible and leads to unsafe lane changes.

  15. May 08 2018

    Turning from 18th Ave to TV Hwy is so nerve-wracking. The building on the left blocks your view of the oncoming traffic whether you're turning left or right.

  16. May 08 2018

    Please add side walks to this frequently traveled street. Many cyclist, walkers, and joggers could benefit from the addition, plus reduce the risk for motorist trying to share the road.

    Thank you!

  17. May 08 2018

    Shame on you Hillsboro. Why do you spend so much money and time to do something ridiculous like change the name of the street from Oelrich Rd. to Oelrich St. and changing the name from 231st to Century Blvd., spending all our tax money on new signs and you don't even consider the safety of pedestrians needing to cross that busy intersection. Why don't you install a light and make that a marked crosswalk? If Hillsboro is such a fine city like you say it is I would think the safety of pedestrians would be paramount. If you would like some ideas on how to improve the safety system here why not check out San Diego, CA and Yuma, Arizona. The info I have is that these 2 cities planned for their development. Thank you, Louise Fowler.

  18. May 08 2018

    Please build speed bumps too many cars race at night and during the day time

  19. May 08 2018

    Of all the bad intersections, NE 1st and Grant seems to be in the top three. You really need to put a stop light on 1st street to allow the backed up cars on Grant to go through.

  20. May 08 2018

    NE Arrington Rd. is slowly crumbling apart from NE Delsey to NE Jackson School Road, It needs to be repaved.

  21. May 08 2018

    Sunrise needs sidewalks! Very dangerous for kids walking to Mooberry. Very hard to use this street to get to Parks and things.

  22. May 08 2018

    The east-west pedestrian signal used to trigger when the button was pressed if east-west vehicular traffic already had a green light. Now, it instead waits for the north-south cycle before switching back to east-west with a pedestrian light. This forces traffic on Evergreen to stop even when there are no vehicles crossing or turning onto Evergreen at this intersection, and most pedestrians just jaywalk rather than waiting for the signal.

  23. May 08 2018

    The narrow sidewalk and wide grass strip between the sidewalk and the road create an unwelcoming bus stop, especially during the rainy months when the grass turns into mud. A concrete pad and path over the grass would improve this bus stop.

  24. May 08 2018

    Cars continue to use the bike lane as a right turn lane, despite the recently added double lines for the bike lane.

  25. May 08 2018

    There is no marked crosswalk at NE 59th and Bennett to cross east-west, only north-south over Bennett. There are several employers located east along Bennett St whose employees visit businesses on the west side of NE 59th (Longbottoms Coffee) as well as the shuttle stop just south of this intersection. A marked crosswalk would greatly improve the situation (lowered speed limit and full all-way stop would be preferred but considering the industrial zoning in this area that may not be possible).