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  1. May 08 2018

    The crosswalk button to cross Evergreen at the SE corner of NE Evergreen/NE Century is of poor design. All the other buttons are physical dome-shaped push buttons, while this one single crosswalk button is some sort of touch or pressure sensitive button. There is no feedback, either physical or audible, to inform a pedestrian they have successfully triggered the pedestrian crosswalk signal. Further, during winter months when it gets icy, this particular button ceases to function completely. Finally, this entire intersection is dangerous for pedestrian crossing, but particularly when crossing at this side as cars use the bike lane on the north side of NE Evergreen as a right-turn lane up Century Blvd toward the stadium without looking for pedestrians in the crosswalk, and drivers turning right from Century Blvd onto NE Evergreen in the dedicated right turn lane there often look only for cross traffic before turning, never for pedestrians.

  2. May 08 2018

    Unsafe for bikes from Farmington to the high school on 185th. That should be a means of transport to school.

  3. May 08 2018

    Need speed bumps here. For some reason people speed here

  4. May 08 2018

    This intersection is very dangerous. Many cars speed on this road and through this intersection. Speed limit needs to be reducing and even light timing with pedestrian walking needs to be rethought. Cars taking a left onto Cornell from NE Orenco get the green light when pedestrian are right in the middle of crossing and in the cars blind spot. there are many dangers to this intersection and lots of foot traffic. This needs attention!

  5. May 08 2018

    The bike lane was better when it was to the left of the dedicated right turn lane. Now there is a stressful conflict zone with right-turners.

  6. May 08 2018

    This block has retail, residential, transit, parks, a church and an elementary school, and needs pedestrian access. The crosswalks should have been upgraded - not closed entirely.

  7. May 08 2018

    209th is one of the only good routes through this area, and I and a few other people I know use it as an alternative to the 217, Murray, and 185th. Having no traffic lights is a *good* thing here.

    That said, a lot of stragglers drive through here too. If someone's doing 35 in the 45 zone, they should get a ticket too...

  8. May 08 2018

    There are no good pedestrian crossings on Evergreen in this shopping area. Crossing from the north parking lot to the south or vice versa by car isn't easy either, especially when driveway lanes on one side of Evergreen don't match the driveway lanes on the opposite side.

  9. May 08 2018

    Another east-west road through here connecting these two points might be worth considering. That bend in Amberglen Parkway was clearly intended to extend into something, after all.

  10. May 08 2018

    This probably has little to do with the city, but the parking lot here is pretty bad. The bushes along the driveway by PetSmart/Dollar Tree/etc. are large enough that it's very difficult to see oncoming traffic when turning off one of the parking lanes.

  11. May 08 2018

    I refer to this segment of Baseline between Borwick and the Walmart as the "Triptych of Evil." There are multiple traffic lights in very close succession (used to be 3 - hence triptych; now 4 with the Walmart).

    Get one red light, and you'll get the next one too. And then the next one. And now the fourth one. The light programming here is horribly implemented.

  12. May 08 2018

    New construction made the right-turn from southbound Amberglen onto Von Neumann unusually sharp. Maybe it will improve once the fences are gone, but at the moment almost everybody turning goes over the yellow line. This sometimes leads to near misses with oncoming traffic.

  13. May 08 2018

    With the high and increasing density in this area, shouldn't 206th have a north-south bus line going to the MAX stop?

  14. May 08 2018

    Put in a frontage road an upgrade this section of TV Highway to a freeway already. With all the lights and driveways it rivals the 217 in how long it takes to drive a mile, and unlike the 217 you don't get relief from that outside rush hour.

  15. May 08 2018

    I've heard plans Nike wants to privatize Jay Street. Please don't do that.

  16. May 08 2018

    Oh hey, I just fixed Walker Road for you.

  17. May 08 2018

    The posted speed here is 45, but most people go 5-10 below that with no reason to do so.

    Stragglers artificially slow down traffic and cause road rage. Stop focusing only on ticketing speeders, and start ticketing stragglers too.

  18. May 08 2018

    Widen John Olsen through this stretch. The driveways are sharp enough that most people come to or close to a complete stop to make a turn, causing backups behind them.

  19. May 08 2018

    There's a traffic light for right turns here now. What on Earth is the point to that when one of those same turn lanes becomes its own lane at the overpass? It's not merging into an existing lane; the turn begins a new one. Wasn't the point to fixing this interchange to improve flow?

  20. May 08 2018

    Brookwood between 26 and Evergreen is a hotspot for stragglers driving below the posted speed despite having no reason to do so.

    Stragglers artificially slow down traffic and cause road rage. Stop focusing only on ticketing speeders, and start ticketing these people too.

  21. May 08 2018

    Make 185th a limited-access low-speed road through this section; at least grade-separate the intersections with Evergreen and the light south of it.

    If you make the "freeway" low-speed, you don't need extra right-of-way to do it; there are already 8 or so lanes here, so some of the space could be used for the ramps. You could easily limit it to 2 lanes in each direction and 40 mph or something and it would work since the traffic lights wouldn't hold everyone up.

  22. May 08 2018

    Add a right turn lane to northbound 188th at Evergreen. If one person wants to go straight instead of turn, everyone behind them is held up for the entire light cycle.

  23. May 08 2018

    Eastbound Wilkins is the only part of this intersection *without* a left-turn lane. This is really stupid.

  24. May 08 2018

    This stupid traffic light is red no matter what direction I'm coming from or what time it is. It often turns red as traffic approaches, even when nobody at all is on the cross street.

    I actually kept track of how often this one was red when I got to it for a month, and it somehow managed to reach 70%. That shouldn't even be possible. This thing REALLY needs its programming adjusted.

  25. May 08 2018

    A crosswalk would be great here!